The Top Spots for Sugar-Free Desserts in San Francisco

Cupcakes | © Allie Cooper / Flickr
Cupcakes | © Allie Cooper / Flickr
Have a hankering for something sweet but can’t stomach the sugar? Never fear! There are still tons of tasty treats in Northern California that will hit the spot. San Francisco is no stranger to unique culinary offerings, and dishing up sugar-free desserts is just another kitchen exploit at which the city excels. The next time your sweet tooth needs satisfying, visit one of these sugar-free spots—your dentist will thank you.

Mother McDowell’s Sugar Free Bakery

Bakery, Dessert
Offering everything from peanut butter cookies to pumpkin cheesecake and lemon meringue pie, Mother McDowell’s is your one-stop shop for sugar-free finds. The bakery, located in Oakland, makes custom cakes for celebrations, making it a perfect spot for the sugar-free snacker in your life’s special day.
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Little Gem

Restaurant, Gluten-free, $$$
There are two types of people in the world: those who groan at the idea of a dairy-, gluten-, and sugar-free restaurant, and those who will do a happy dance after hearing about Little Gem. The restaurant offers everything from Korean-inspired grilled beef bowls to butter lettuce salads. Although their traditional dessert menu is short, its sugar-free offerings will have you coming back again and again.
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Bio Cafe

Cafe, French
Craving banana pudding? Bio Cafe has you covered. The organic French café dishes up an impressive dessert menu with candied citrus to house-made chocolate. Currently, their menu lists their banana pudding as being sweetened with agave nectar instead of sugar, which sounds sweet in our books.
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Fraiche serves “artisanal organic yogurts.” Yes, that is a fancy way of saying homemade frozen yogurt, and yes, the food lives up to the crafty wording. Although you’ll have to ask a staff member as to which yogurts are sugar-free—as they rotate on a regular basis—you’ll have your pick of the pack. The shop also offers sugar-free smoothies if you’re looking to get a healthy fruit fix.
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Sweet Bar Bakery

Bakery, Bar, Vegan, Gluten-free, $$$
With sumptuous vegan and gluten-free offerings, Sweet Bar Bakery is worth a visit. While some of the café’s desserts feature organic sugar, many use agave as a natural sweetening substitute. If agave fits into your nutrition plan, simply ask someone on staff which pastries, cakes, or cupcakes are right for you.
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Jöne’s Gelato

Is there anything better than a heaping spoonful of creamy gelato after a long day? How about a heaping spoonful of gelato that doesn’t contain dairy, eggs, or sugar? Jöne’s Gelato is a coconut milk-based treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth without giving you a sugar rush. The paleo-friendly snack can be found in many health food stores around the Bay Area and includes flavors like strawberry, dark chocolate, vanilla bean, roasted banana, and masala chai.

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