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The Best Places To Eat Around Claude Lane, San Francisco

The Best Places To Eat Around Claude Lane, San Francisco

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Updated: 22 November 2016
Throughout San Francisco are quite a few narrow, picturesque lanes, similar to what you might find in Europe. One of the most quaint and authentic of these, Claude Lane, can be found between Bush and Sutter Streets in the Financial District, and offers a true European feeling. Here are the best places to eat on and around Claude Lane.


Located on the corner of Claude Lane and Bush street is a fully-stocked wine bar that also offers an array of delicious food and desserts, perfect for after-work drinks or cocktail parties. The wine bar features a local selection of Californian wines on-tap and also has many French wines; the wine list can be found here. During happy hour, (weekdays from 4 pm-6 pm) wine is $1 per ounce for all wine-on-tap pours. With seating options at the elevated dining room, horseshoe-shaped bar, or outdoor heated patio, there are plenty of places to enjoy the chic atmosphere and top-notch wine and eats of Claudine.

Café Claude

Café Claude is a faithfully French restaurant with an intimate, romantic setting. A live jazz band entertains diners and adds a sense of nostalgia to the atmosphere. The outdoor café seating contributes to the European-village feeling that Claude Lane gives off. There is a different special entrée for each day of the week, and a special Bastille weekend menu from July the tenth to the fourteenth. Between the breadbaskets wrapped in antique French newspaper and the authentic food, there is a certain attention to detail at Café Claude that makes this an unforgettable French dining experience in San Francisco.

Gitane Restaurant and Bar

Gitane is possibly one of the most romantic restaurants in San Francisco, with it’s dim reddish lighting, comfy plush chairs, and massive oil paintings across the walls. Gitane prides itself on its spirit; the sophisticated dining rooms are inspired by the travels of a gypsy, and combine the energy of 1930s cabaret life with the bold spirit of the 1970s. This restaurant boasts an upstairs dining room, a downstairs bar, and an outdoor heated patio. The menu is centered on Southern French cuisine, but combines Italian and Spanish aspects. Combine this with the Bay Area food culture, and a mouthwatering blend of cultures and flavors is created.

Café de la Presse

Authentic Parisian-style Café de la Presse is just one block below Claude Lane. The vintage French posters, painted walls, and light fixtures channel a 1930s French bistro, transporting the diner to another place and time. A common site while walking along Grant and Bush are café-goers reading the newspaper at the outdoor tables, which is easy since Café de la Presse newsstand offers more than 500 international titles.

La Boulange

For a more casual French dining experience, check out La Boulange on the corner of Sutter Street and Claude Lane. This is a traditional French bakery that has 15 locations in San Francisco alone and even more in the East Bay, Marin and Peninsula area. A large menu offers sandwiches, burgers, eggs, soups and salads, with different variations occurring from location to location around the Bay. Recipes used at La Boulange originate from the French countryside cuisine, which can be seen in the organic breads, flaky pastries, and mouthwatering array of desserts.