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The Top 12 Los Angeles Instagram Accounts

Picture of Vannessa Jackson
Updated: 19 October 2016
There is so much beauty to the city of Los Angeles that sometimes it’s hard to find the must see spots and activities. Luckily, there are tons of people who have walked the path before and have created Instagram accounts to showcase some of the best LA has to offer. Keep reading to see which ones you should be following.


If you’re really into living healthy and eating right (and who in LA isn’t?) then you should definitely be following TheBalancedBlonde. Jordan Younger knows a thing or two about staying healthy in the big city, and taking super cute photos of food. If you’re looking for a new instagrammer to get tips, tricks, and cute photos from, then you should definitely be following this account.


Food Instagrams seem to be plenty and bountiful in this day and age, but if you’re looking for the best opinon, then look no further. Josh Scherer started this account when he was only a student at UCLA, and in a few short years it has taken off in huge ways. Probably because it is one of the best places to get the best food advice the internet has to offer. He’s also a food editor at LA Magazine, so he knows what he’s talking about.


Matt Allard knows how to live life in LA to the fullest. He takes his followers along for all his many adventures, and if you follow him you’re sure to find some great spots for your own adventures. Not to mention, he has some incredible photography skills to boast. He makes living an epic life look like an everyday activity that the world should be participating in. LA never looked so good.

Scooter girl, you had style. Wherever you zoomed off to, I hope you're having a nice day.

A photo posted by Matt Allard (@lifeserial) on


If you love dessert, then you will love LetMeEatCake. This girl knows how to eat well and enjoy every moment of it. Everything from cake to pie, she has the best pics of the greatest desserts LA has to offer. It may be a guilty pleasure account to follow, but it’s so worth it. Donuts look like a work of art when they are posted to her Instagram account. It truly doesn’t get better than that.

Yes, those are mini cinnamon rolls on those donuts! 😍🍩 @ujellyujelly making me jelly of their donuts! #donutqueen

A photo posted by letmeeatcake |👻ms.letmeeatcake (@letmeeatcake) on


If you’re looking for a little more to eat than just dessert, than HungryInLA has got you covered. Food is no longer just food, it’s a work of art, and Eddie knows how to capture that art in the best possible way. Especially if you like burgers and coffee, but not necessarily together, this is an account to check out for all the best food in LA.


Check this page out if you’re interested in seeing a side of LA that not many people get to see. Behind all the sunny days, beautiful people, and great views, there are parts of LA that many miss out on. This is a culmination of photos that explore East Los Angeles and all the beauty this part of the city has to offer. Like Humans of New York, but LA style.

@hengone #virgendeguadalupe #boyleheights #streetart

A photo posted by East Los Angeles (@goeastlos) on


This is the perfect page to follow for anyone who enjoys classic beauty and lots of pink! Kelly Mindle teaches you how to make the best decor, crafts, you name it and she’s your girl. You will love her authentic take on the city of LA, and how she manages to make every image look so happy and flawless. It’s a work of art looking at her carefully curated images.


This page is all about the hipster vibes in LA, and there are plenty of them. For anyone who has ever dreamed of sipping coffee in dark sunglasses while reading books by authors whose last name you can’t pronounce, then this is a great page to check out. Tons of things for beauty, travel, fashion, and just all around great photography.

Vasquez 📷 @petersadrian

A photo posted by Bethany Struble (@bethanystruble) on


Sarah Sherman Samuel’s page is basically LA in Instagram form. From the beautiful scenery to the great brunches, this is the perfect page if you’re looking for someone’s life to be just a little bit jealous of. She has the perfect pictures to give you total envy about living in LA; even if you already live here.


Nathaniel Wood is one of the most eclectic and well-rounded LA based photographers that you will find on Instagram. Whether it’s celebrity portraits or pictures of great views, he gives you a great perspective of what LA looks like from a layman’s point of view. The beauty of his photography is hard to beat.


Jasmine Safaeian is a photographer and tour manager, so her pics are full of artsy concert imagery. So if you are super into the LA music scene, then you need to be following her. Don’t worry, it’s not just a bunch of photo’s of Coachella, there are a lot of cool behind the scenes images that most fans don’t get to see. Not to mention, she has a real knack for creating photos that emote a strong energy and feeling.

yaaAAAaaAAa baby

A photo posted by Jasmine Safaeian (@yasi) on


Of course there needs to be a shout out to the L.A. Tourism Board, because their Instagram is a work of art. Not only do they provide the best photos of every inch of the city, but they also have a vast knowledge of the different things to do and see while you’re in the city. Even locals can follow for great food, adventure, and fun things happening in the city.