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Alcohol Rack | © StockSnap/Pixabay
Alcohol Rack | © StockSnap/Pixabay
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The Top 10 Bars In Fremont, California

Picture of Alex Marroquin
Updated: 9 February 2017
Even in one of the more quiet areas around the San Francisco Bay, residents of Fremont know how to jump from bar to bar, taking advantage of the unique drinks and attractions. Take a look at our top 10 suggestions to get a head start on your next night out in the East Bay.
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Mojo Lounge

Let yourself loose to the music at Mojo Lounge while enjoying over 28 kinds of drinks on tap. The sheer enthusiasm of the locals singing their favorite songs is enough to lure you in to join the fun. Along with karaoke, Mojo Lounge also hosts regular concerts by local blues, jazz, and rock bands that will get you on your feet as you sip on your favorite drink. After you burn some calories dancing, order one of several meaty sandwiches with some delectable side dishes, all less than ten dollars.

The Mojo Lounge, 3714 Peralta Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 739 1028

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The Backdoor Lounge

The Backdoor Lounge is hidden behind other stores, but it is the place to unwind and catch up with old friends or to make new friends with the locals. Come by during your lunch hour to hang out with sports fans and friendly bartenders. The upscale interior includes pool tables, a digital jukebox, a pinball machine, and darts, making you feel right at home as you devour chips and beef sticks. Come on over to enjoy an evening like a Fremont resident.

The Backdoor Lounge, 37422 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 792 4281

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The drinks and clientele of The Huddle are reminiscent of an old-fashioned casino in Reno. The old-timey portraits and landscape pictures set this bar apart from the generic photographs found in other dive bars. You’ll meet some rowdy and enthusiastic regulars ready to make new friends. Janelle, the current owner of the Huddle, is a friendly face and will share information about the area if you ask nicely. If the old-timer atmosphere isn’t your typical choice, The Huddle also hosts regular karaoke nights, local DJs, and local bands to play any song you request.

Huddle, 5152 Mowry Avenue, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 794 8590

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The Florence

Located in the historic Niles District, The Florence Bar, or known locally as the ‘Flo,’ rests beside vintage train tracks, adorable antique stores, and sets where the one and only Charlie Chaplin created his legendary films. Once you step inside, you’ll be drinking and laughing with the friendliest groups of local bikers you will ever meet. The ‘good old days’ vibe of the surrounding area encourages the staff to treat you like family as they pour your favorite drinks. Come by during the summer for BBQ Sundays for the best sirloin and rib eye in the East Bay.

The Florence Bar, 37349 Niles Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 792 5522

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Flight Wine Bar And Cafe

Located in the Mission San Jose District of Fremont, Flight Wine Bar And Cafe is the best place in the Bay Area to enjoy international wine. The list offers exquisite wines from all corners of the globe, homemade craft beer, and even dessert wine to satisfy your sweet tooth. There is a rotating wine list to bring a wider variety of flavors for regulars, and the fresh salads, tapas, and gourmet sandwiches are just some of the high-quality food available to go with your wine. Make a reservation on their website to take part in monthly events such as wine tasting parties and painting classes.

Flight Wine Bar, 1596 Washington Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 661 9961

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California Craft Beer

With a constant influx of new flavors of beer to try, California Craft Beer is the go-to beer house in Fremont. With 16 rotating taps and new flavors that you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll have to keep coming to try all the selections. If you have any questions, the well-informed staff will gladly recommend some beers for you to try. While there is no in-house kitchen, food trucks stop by regularly to satisfy anyone’s hunger. Bring your friends over to lounge in the spacious seating as you all drink your favorite glasses of beer.

California Craft Beer, 4377 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 656 2337

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Kirby’s Sports Bar

With tons of TV screens in every room, even in the bathrooms, you can’t miss a single sports game when you’re in Kirby’s Sports Bar. The old framed newspapers on the walls and the autographed uniforms make it a perfect place to unwind with your fellow sports fanatics. The hosted beer pong and pool tables make excellent opportunities to come over with groups and to befriend the locals. With 12 types of beer on tap, you’ll be wanting to come back when the next sports game is on TV.

Kirby’s Sports Bar, 42312 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 657 9060

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Jack’s Brewing Company

Offering the best of both a restaurant and a brewery, Jack’s Brewing Company is the best place in the East Bay to enjoy a full entrée and side while chugging your favorite drink. With seasonal ales, over a dozen stouts on tap, and a wide selection of wines, there is no reason not to come back another night. Even if you’re not a fan of alcohol, the succulent ‘black and blue’ steak sandwich, exquisite fish and chips, mouthwatering burgers, and their famous garlic fries are enough to make you return for more. Come and ask how you can be part of the ‘Mug Club,’ where you can bring your own mug to fill with your favorite drinks!

Jack’s Brewing Company, 39176 Argonaut Way, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 796 2036

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Mission Pizza And Pub

If you’re looking to enjoy a night with pizza and beer, you’ll need to look no further than Mission Pizza and Pub. The beer tap selection has a wide variety of the best local craft brews. Despite not being a pizzeria, many locals agree that this pub has some of the best pizza in the area. Come and try the many unique combinations such as the spicy shrimp and sausage, the salmon pesto, or the cheeseburger pizza. Each pizza comes with a thin crispy crust that has locals coming back for more.

Mission Pizza And Pub, 1572 Washington Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 651 6858

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O’ Sullivan’s Sports Bar

With a first come, first served environment, you’ll want to drop by O’ Sullivan’s Sports Bar with your friends to enjoy the most out of the generous services. You’ll never miss a sports game here with the 20 widescreen TVs spread all across the bar, there is even one in the bathroom. Thanks to the spacious interior, there are two bars for your drinking needs and room for an occasional live band to play your favorite music. Come by and root for your favorite team with all the cheap beer you want.

O’ Sullivan’s Sports Bar, 5660 Thornton Avenue, Newark, CA, USA, +1 510 742 3240