The Top 10 Bars In Emeryville, California

Bar Waiter | © Unsplash/Pixabay
Bar Waiter | © Unsplash/Pixabay
The hunt for a good bar seems to be a necessary action to Bay Area locals. From your classic dive pubs to those game night bars, the possibilities, just like the alcohol choices, are numerous. Check out these 10 worthy bar spots that’ll make you a night person.


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Alcohol Rows
Alcohol Rows | © kbatx/Pixabay
Located further away from the attractions of Emeryville, is Prizefighter. Industrially designed with a brick aesthetic, this spacious urban bar is a must visit in the East Bay. From whiskey, gin, and brandy to tequila, the promise of variety is a definite. Whether serving their straight shots, tasting their cocktails, or coming with a group and ordering the punch bowls that serve six to eight guests, customers can expect to leave with that nice warm fuzzy buzz.
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Branch Line

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Martini Glasses
Martini Glasses | © sharonang/Pixabay
Serving a variety of alcoholic beverages and bar foods that exceed expectations is Branch Line. From duck confit waffles drizzled in sauce to their take on a fried Portobello sandwich with a side of creamy potato salad, enjoy it with a cold craft beer or cocktail from the menu. With a variety of customers, from regulars to new visitors, Branch Line will leave a lasting impression and a high standard of the bar experience.
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Honor Kitchen & Cocktails

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Wine Row
Wine Row | © Qywee/Pixabay
As the name states, Honor Kitchen & Cocktails serves up its fair share of restaurant quality foods alongside its beers, mixed cocktails, and regional wines. Try their hot meals like five cheese mac ‘n’ cheese, bourbon maple chicken lollipops, and a classic half pound burger. Dimly lit like the usual American pub, enjoy the aroma coming from the kitchen, and the chatter of the bar located just steps away from the table.
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Bank Club

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Cheers | © kaicho20/Pixabay
Although Emeryville is filled with an assortment of fusion hot spots that serve up a mean meal with their alcohol, Bank Club presents the true meaning of what a bar is. With a dive bar aesthetic, this family owned business is made for the regulars and new East Bay transplants. With vintage hanging lamps, plastic grapes for decoration, and two rows of hanging portraits of old time Hollywood actors, customers can expect that this is not the modern take on a bar for which Emeryville seems to be known. With a cash only policy, be prepared for that warm vintage experience.
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The Broken Rack

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Blue Glasses
Blue Glasses | © W-Pix/Pixabay
With décor that looks like the cliché American college common rooms, The Broken Rack is serving up the active side of the bar experience. Set up with rows of pool tables, leather couches that circle around each other, and a foosball table, this business is a gem for the indecisive bar squad. With the classic fried goodness of bar foods like chicken strips, french fries, quesadillas, and fish and chips, pair it off with the 12 beers on tap, wine, or a cocktail from their menu before you start playing a game of pool.
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Townhouse Bar & Grill

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Wine Glasses
Wine Glasses | © epicantus/Pixabay
Townhouse Bar & Grill delivers with their selections of meats and side dishes that will make a customer question if this really is a bar choice. Presenting meals like ribs with coleslaw and cut sweet potato fries along with their take on an avocado toast spread with balsamic vinaigrette, the meal selection is vast, making it a regular’s favorite. Competing against strong competitors in the bar and food industry, Townhouse Bar & Grill comes with a history that goes back to the western times. So, enjoy a slice of the good life with their prime rib special, and pair it off with a glass of red wine from the bar.
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Located on a corner street of Emeryville, Propaganda serves up what you would expect from an American pub. Serving up bar foods like burgers, pulled pork sliders, chicken wings, calamari, and a festive lamb ragu, the pub’s menu seems to be endless for the bar crew’s hunger. Nicely lit by purple hues, the rows of alcohol, which consist of beers, wines, and many variations of liquors needed to make a cocktail, are stacked up high for an easy display of what the night could lead to. Whether coming with a group or alone to get a bite to eat, the environment is welcoming and a good option to try when visiting Emeryville.
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Trader Vic’s

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Outside Bar
Outside Bar | © Peggy_Marco/Pixabay
Trader Vic’s presents a new blast in flavors with its HawaiianAsian-inspired fusion meals and drinks. Rightfully located next to the waterfront and decorated with wooden tiki statues and hanging tribal masks, Trader Vic’s stays true to its theme. Serving up tuna poke, pineapple pork chop over a bed of mashed potatoes, and large fried shrimp, do not expect to get just your average menu of American bar foods. With 200 signature cocktails under their belt, Trader Vic’s is sure to keep the good times running with the bar squad.
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The Bureau 510

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Hennessey | © StockSnap/Pixabay
Presenting the famous tradition of happy hour, The Bureau 510 serves up reasonably priced alcohol from house wines, mojitos, and tonics to beers that are just three dollars and up. Less of a bar and more of a communion area for foodies, this joint serves up fusion meals that are Instagram worthy. With meals like marinated Korean beef stuffed between two rice patties to a burger that’s topped with an egg, this foodie’s dream destination is perfect for that mixture of alcohol, friends, and taste bud explosions.
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Liquor Row
Liquor Row | © Peggy_Marco/Pixabay
Wolfhound serves up 20 various beers, cocktails made from the rows of alcohol placed against the wall, as well as the popular shots that need to be gulped down at any celebratory event. With a vintage decoration in mind, Wolfhound presents the closeness and simplicity that a dive bar needs. With random portraits hanging around on top of the Victorian floral wallpapers, customers can imagine that conversation is a high outcome when coming into these close proximities. Perfect for groups, enjoy the intimacy of the visit as you play table quiz on Tuesday nights to strengthen the drinking friendship bonds.
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