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<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Fashion inspiration | © Namu Lim / Flickr</a>
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Fashion inspiration | © Namu Lim / Flickr</a>
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The Los Angeles Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow

Picture of Juliet Bennett Rylah
Updated: 1 May 2017
Given that Angelenos rarely have to break out giant coats and stocky boots, fashionistas are able to show off their fresh looks year round. From casual beach vibes to sophisticated ensembles, Los Angeles has a host of fashion influencers posting sartorial inspiration daily. Check out these 11 well-dressed bloggers to help center your sense of style.

Caroline Juen

Caroline Juen doesn’t just post about fashion. She also shares interesting food, fitness, and culture news from Los Angeles and beyond. Her personal style ranges from casual to elegant with a California flair. Juen writes that she founded her blog in 2013 “with the goal of shedding some positive light on one of the most misunderstood cities in the world.”

Naz Ramezani

Casual beachy outfits, statement jewelry, and denim are the hallmarks of Naz Ramezani‘s uncomplicated style. She frequently posts photos from gorgeous natural landscapes, writing that she is “constantly influenced by the clashing culture of the city and the beach and what both have to offer.”

Cruising Haiku w/ @kaishelllover 🌺🌺🌺 skirt by @raga_la 🌴🌞✨ A post shared by the LA native (@thelanative) on

Nicolette Mason

L.A. native Nicolette Mason is a contributing editor at Marie Claire and a creative consultant for fashion and lifestyle and maintains her own fashion/beauty/travel blog. Nicolette is currently bi-coastal, living in NYC and L.A. with her wife, Ali, and their pets. She expertly pulls off plenty of black-on-black ensembles, and she always seems to have a fantastic jacket.


A post shared by nicolette mason (@nicolettemason) on

Ty Severe

Ty Severe has bounced back and forth between his home state of Utah and Los Angeles, though he’s currently situated on the West Coast with his chihuahua, Naomi. He works as a freelance consultant and stylist and has dressed Hollywood men including James Marsden, Stephen Amell and James Van Der Beek. His style is sophisticated whether he wears a casual sweater and slacks combo or an immaculate suit.

Suited up and strolling to some meetings! Hope you gents have a great afternoon! 🕺🏼😎👍🏼

A post shared by TY SEVERE (@tysevere) on

Afia Anabasua

Afia Anabasua dresses in bright colors and gorgeous prints, but her great tastes go beyond fashion. Afia is also a private chef who specializes in nutritious and healthy African cuisine. She grew up in Ghana and later studied fashion and art. She bases her outfits on her current mood and says that she is not inclined to shop by trends but rather “what I think looks right on me.”

Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Stephanie was raised in North Carolina, but has lived in L.A. for over 10 years. Her blog, Honey & Silk, chronicles elegance in fashion, travel, food, and beauty. She dons plenty of light pastel and earth tones but doesn’t shy away from an occasional vibrant accessory.

Vic Styles

Vic Styles is a Los Angeles blogger and stylist who calls her blog “the musings of a wild haired maven.” She looks effortlessly chic in jeans and T-shirts paired with blazers and jackets but occasionally glams up in patterned separates, chunky jewelry, or a gorgeous dress.

Perkens Bien Aimé

Perkens Bien Aimé blogs at Garcon a la Mode, rocking stylish suits and accessories that may, on occasion, include a wooden bowtie or a colorful handkerchief.

Loni Catherine

Loni Catherine has an adorable sense of style, inspired in part by mid-century fashions and Disney. Flouncy skirts, chic tops, pastel colors, and vintage dresses rule her fashion feed, but you’d be remiss to ignore her cat-eye glasses and retro hair styles.

When your sister says your dress gives her a Crimson Peak vibe and you’re like….. good. #victoriangrandmastyle ❤ A post shared by Loni Catherine (@lonicatherinec) on

Jennifer Broders

Sometimes Jennifer Broders rocks pastels and long, mermaid tresses. Other times the tattooed beauty pulls of an all-black ensemble or an oversized T-shirt like nobody’s business. Bold makeup and platform heels round out her youthful look.

Checkmate. ✔️   A post shared by Jennifer Broders (@jenniferbroders) on

J Fig

J Fig effortlessly mixes coastal vibes with modern elegance. He blogs at Rule of Thumbs, focusing on fashion, lifestyle, and travel. He’s always got on a spectacular pair of shoes.