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LA's Top 5 Art Centers for Aspiring Artists on a Budget
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LA's Top 5 Art Centers for Aspiring Artists on a Budget

Picture of Summer Powers
Updated: 18 December 2015
For those looking to try their hand at the easel, but who can’t afford the high price of fine art classes, Los Angeles provides a bevy of excellent affordable arts education centers. Read on to find out about the city’s top 5 affordable centers to pick up the art of painting, drawing or crafting.
Ann Bridges Art Studio  |  Courtesy of Summer Powers
Ann Bridges Art Studio | Courtesy of Summer Powers

Ann Bridges Art Studio

Minutes away from the metro stop at Wilshire and Western, this hot spot of art teaching is conveniently-located and affordable. Ann Bridges Art Studio provides low-cost classes with expertise guidance. The owner, Ann Bridges, earned her MFA at California State Long Beach and has 15 years of experience teaching there and at the Orange County High School of the Arts. Her classes range from figure- and still-life painting to acrylic painting and more. To check out the studio and book a class, click here.

Ann Bridges Art Studio, 3875 Wilshire Blvd, #1401, Los Angeles, CA, USA +1 562-547-8978

Seven Story International  |
Seven Story International |

Seven Story International Studio: Paint Me Wine

In addition to hosting many other arts-related events, every Saturday at 7 pm in May Seven Story International offers a fun and quirky chance to paint wine bottles, all materials included. With a location at Art Share LA’s Downtown studio, it is an easy stop to make for a creative night out — and for much more than seven minutes in painting heaven! Gather your friends and plan to join Seven Story International in their next painting extravaganza here.

Seven Story International (through Art Share LA Studio), 801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 310-893-0110

Sew FYI  |
Sew FYI |

Sew FYI Studio

Learn a new skill, make a cute tote bag, and enhance your wardrobe in just two hours. Discover all this and more at Sew FYI’s fully-equipped and modern downtown studio. Take a class in DIY tote bags or in sewing machine operation, and let your creative juices flow with the help of Sew’s pros. Check it out on your next crafts kick!

Sew FYI, 1340 6th St, #525, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 213-265-7709

Clay on First  |
Clay on First |

Clay on First Studio

Create a cup, bowl or vase for yourself with an electric pottery wheel! In the small group classes of Clay on First’s colorful studio, every ceramics-lover can find peace and quiet to focus on their works. Whether you are just starting out in clay creations or are as skilled as the staff, Clay on First will provide a home for you to turn the wheels of your imagination.

Clay on First, 406 E. 1st St, Unit B, Long Beach, CA, USA, +1 562-495-4362

Artisyn Studio  |
Artisyn Studio |

Artisyn Studio

Perfect for art novices who want a taste of multiple mediums, Artisyn Studio not only provides art classes in painting, inking, photography, jewelry and more, but additionally the studio hosts dance, music, video, writing, and performance classes. Experience a crash course on nearly every art form out there if you choose, and come back for more intensive, specialized classes once you find your niche or two.

Artisyn Studio, 7208 Foothill Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 818-590-0517