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Check Out These Dog Walking Services In Los Angeles
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Check Out These Dog Walking Services In Los Angeles

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Updated: 14 December 2016
Many Los Angeles residents have a dog, and these pups are spoiled rotten. However, while we Angelinos try to spend every hour possible with our fur babies, reality calls and we must go running. As a solution, here is an exploration of new and convenient dog-walking businesses servicing in and around the Los Angeles area.
The Healing Pack at its finest © Rachel Allen
The Healing Pack at its finest | © Rachel Allen


A dog walker in your pocket? Yes, please. Wag! is a dog-walking app currently available for iPhones, which allows you to pick the walker of your choice, and schedule walks for your devoted dog with the dexterity of your thumbs. Servicing Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, Wag! allows you to meet your dog’s need for exploration on an unexpectedly busy day. While some dog-walking businesses require a regular week-by-week schedule, Wag! lets you choose exactly when you want your dog walked without a huge commitment. For those over-protective puppy parents, Wag! also offers a meet and greet with the walker of your choosing at no cost. As an added bonus, during your dog’s walk you are able to see a live GPS map of where exactly your dog is being walked, and you are sent a photo of your peppy pup once the walk comes to an end. You’re also able to rate and review your dog-walker, which definitely makes Wag! a canine community.

The Healing Pack

Based in Echo Park, Calif., Rachel Allen and Andrew Martinez are the faces of The Healing Pack, servicing the Los Angeles area with a mission of socialization and behavioral rehabilitation for dogs (and owners) in need. As Rachel so eloquently states, “We are really passionate about trying to inform and educate the public on how to fulfill and lead their dogs so fewer dogs get returned to shelters due to behavioral issues.” They tackle this The Healing Pack way through consistent pack walking so dogs are able to learn the elements of focus, hard work, and positive canine interaction. You can meet these super cool cats and check out their methods in September during a free community pack walk in Los Angeles meant to encourage people whose dogs have behavioral issues. There will be four trainers on site to teach dog owners all about what it is to be a strong pack leader.

Rachel Allen and her pack - The Healing Pack © Sam Worman/ Tumblr
Rachel Allen and her pack – The Healing Pack | © Sam Worman/ Tumblr

Walka-Walka Professional Dog Walking Services

Downtown living is definitely fast-paced and hectic. As a resident, you probably already have enough trouble finding parking for your car, so you shouldn’t be expected to have a hard time walking your dog. This dog walking service caters directly to the busy downtown resident. Operating since 2007, Walka Walka Professional Dog Walking services downtown Los Angeles and focuses on smaller group walks mainly with other dogs within the same building. Although downtown Los Angeles is constantly moving, Walka Walka aims to develop neighborly relationships between other owners and their dogs. They also offer hotel and office pick-ups for your pooch if they share your busy schedule. Oh, and they’re cat people, too. To sweeten their services, Walka Walka professionals are also able to give cat care while you’re out of town on business.

The Boneyard natives - Culver City © Angelica Argueta
The Boneyard natives – Culver City | © Angelica Argueta

California Dog Walkers

If privacy is your thing, this one is for you. California Dog Walkers focuses specifically on building trust between owners, their dogs, and their dog walkers. With customized exercise plans based on breed and an individual dog’s needs, California Dog Walkers offers a scientific and individual approach to dog walking and training. They emphasize private walks, and private canyon hikes for those fur babies who require a little bit more one on one attention. This particular dog walking service does not focus on pack walking and socialization with other dogs, but rather emphasizes an individual dog’s physical health, which then promotes a healthy canine mind.