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Glen Park © mk30/Flickr
Glen Park © mk30/Flickr

The Best Places To Eat In Glen Park, San Francisco

Picture of Edissa Nicolás-Huntsman
Updated: 10 November 2016
There’s something for everybody near the south end of San Francisco. Glen Park makes up for its small size with quaint shops, tree-lined streets, and a surprisingly broad range of international cuisine and culinary charm. Just a short stroll from the BART, whether you’re looking for a quick meal after a hike in Glen Park Canyon or a romantic place to dine, you’ll find it here.


Charm and flavor marry at this classic Italian restaurant, where heavenly gnocchi in black truffle sauce and polenta with mushrooms number among the delights. Don’t pass on the Panna Cotta, lest your regrets linger by the cobblestones and trellis. Manzoni’s features a romantic feel for special occasions.

Manzoni’s, 2788 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 334-2251

La Corneta Taqueria

Classic San Francisco burrito flair and fresh ingredients make La Corneta Taqueria a mainstay for busy people who want high quality, delicious hot meals. Whether you eat in or take out, the tacos, open plates and burritos pop with color and flavor. Win big with their grilled to order garlic prawn burritos or their stewed veggies vegan option. 

La Corneta Taqueria, 2834 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 469-8757

Le P’tit Laurent

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Le P’tit Laurent is not in Paris, France but in Glen Park. Order the rack of lamb, escargot or the French Onion soup, and each bite will infused with the authentic joie-de-vivre you’d expect from the continent itself. Indulge with pain perdu for a sweet finish.

Le P’tit Laurent, 699 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 334-3235

Destinations Baking Company

Head straight for Destinations Baking Company for tea and Bing Cherry pie. Surprise your palate with Joe Schuver’s creative treats, which feature buttery crusts and traditional and innovative fillings to delight pie connoisseurs. This Glen Park destination also serves delicious tarts, muffins, Danish and cookies for an anytime break in their sunny window seats.

Destinations Baking Company, 598 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 469-0730

Gialina Pizzeria

Gialina’s cozy yet elegant atmosphere could just as easily be in Florence as in San Francisco. If the ambiance doesn’t transport you to the old world, then the textured, thin crust, brick-oven pizza will. It’s easy to forget that you’re in California while enjoying Chef Sharon Ardiana’s family-style salad, pizza, pasta, and desserts. The Atomica is a fan favorite.

Gialina Pizzeria, 2842 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 239-8500

Tataki Canyon

For the most delicate and sensual sushi flavor around (including color and patterns that makes Japanese food pleasurable from first sight to last bite), stop in at Glen Park’s Tataki Canyon. Tataki’s is like stepping off of a plane onto the distant island. Chic, flashy décor, and a lively clamor serve as backdrop to the festival of plates on the table.

Tataki Canyon, 678 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 859-9383

Balompié Café #3

The Salvadorian food at Balompié Café #3 is worth the wait. Mouth watering local and foreign delicacies like pickled cabbage, spicy vegetable ‘chile’ and freshly made salsa toppers go with everything. For a tour-de-force of the Balompié kitchen, try the Salvadorian Sampler, featuring steamed yucca, stuffed and fried Pasteles, and the best pupusas in San Francisco.

Balompié Café #3, 3801 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 647-4000