Best Indoor Rock Climbing Spots In The Bay Area

The symmetry of climbing | © Photograph by Kara Brodgesell
The symmetry of climbing | © Photograph by Kara Brodgesell
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, the rock climbing gyms in and around San Francisco will challenge you and allow you to meet awesome new people along the way. There are popular climbing sites like El Capitan in Yosemite and Rock Creek Canyon in the High Sierras, and many gyms offer outdoor trips to feed your sense of adventure. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next Alex Honnold or Chris Sharma.
A man belays a fellow climber © Jesse Wagstaff/Flickr

Planet Granite San Francisco

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Climbers getting pumped to climb at Mission Cliffs
Climbers getting pumped to climb at Mission Cliffs | © Maria Ly/Flickr
Planet Granite’s picturesque location along the waterfront in San Francisco’s Crissy Field is a big draw for climbers all over the city. From belay classes to power and endurance training, this gym will leave you feeling capable and prepared for a variety of routes. After initiation fees, individual membership costs $77 a person and includes benefits like unlimited climbing access, use of free weights, unlimited yoga classes, and gear discounts.

other locations: Belmont, Sunnyvale, and Portland, OR
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Touchstone Climbing Mission Cliffs

A climber prepares to climb
A climber prepares to climb | © Courtesy of Club Sport Pleasanton
With a gym located in the same building as Burning Man’s headquarters, Mission Cliffs is a cool place to be. Touchstone Climbing Mission Cliffs, which was opened in 1995, is the oldest climbing gym in San Francisco and proud of it! Memberships are not available online and must be completed in person.

other locations: Berkeley Ironworks, Sacramento Pipeworks, Diablo Rock Gym, GW Power Co., Metalmark, the Studio, Dogpatch Boulders, LA.B, Cliffs of ID, and Hollywood Boulders
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ClubSport Pleasanton

Twister or Rock Climbing?
Twister or Rock Climbing? | © Courtesy of Berkeley Ironworks
ClubSport Pleasanton’s beautiful gym includes a full sized basketball court, a pool, tons of fitness classes and groups, and a great rock wall and climbing area. Its experienced staff will help keep you safe while you develop your skills on the wall.
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Touchstone Climbing Berkeley Ironworks

Teamwork makes the dream work
Teamwork makes the dream work | © Courtesy of Bridges Rock Gym
A division of Touchstone Climbing, Berkeley Ironworks offers bouldering and climbing classes as well as cycling, yoga, and other fitness classes. As the largest climbing gym in the East Bay, Berkeley Ironworks offers fitness solutions to all kinds of athletes. Although membership options vary, an individual monthly membership is $77 per month after initiation fees and includes a ton of perks and discounts.
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Bridges Rock Gym

A climber makes his way up the wall
A climber makes his way up the wall | © Courtesy of Touchstone Climbing
At $59 per month, Bridges Rock Gym offers one of the best deals in the Bay. Prices get even better if you’re a student or military personnel, with monthly memberships at $54 and $45 a person. Bridges Gym has dedicated itself to creating technical routes to test your skills and even offers a slackline area for developing balance.
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Touchstone Climbing Diablo Rock Gym

Climbing is more fun with friends
Climbing is more fun with friends | © Courtesy of Great Western Power Co.
Diablo Rock Gym is the home of CoCo Crossfit, a fun and challenging group that will help you reach a new squat PR and get to the top of a difficult climbing wall. With tons of climbing routes, fitness classes, cardio machines, free weights, steam rooms, saunas, and showers, Diablo Rock Gym is sure to turn into your second home.
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Touchstone Climbing Great Western Power Co.

Heading for the top
Heading for the top | © Chris March/Flickr
Touchstone Climbing Great Western Power Co. offers hundreds of fitness options, like TRX classes, cardio boxing, and Crossfit V16. This fun and friendly gym will help you accomplish your fitness goals while also learning new skills.
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Bladium’s Rock Wall and Bouldering Gym

The symmetry of climbing
The symmetry of climbing | © Photograph by Kara Brodgesell
Bladium’s Gym is the go-to place for the ultimate sports fan. From indoor and outdoor sport courts to climbing walls to CrossFit, this gym has it all. After you’ve been belay certified, Bladium’s rock wall and climbing gym are available for use during all open hours.
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Touchstone Climbing Dogpatch Boulders

Dogpatch Boulders, one of Touchstone Climbing’s newest gyms, officially opened its doors in 2013 in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. After achieving great success these past few years, Dogpatch will soon expand its gym to provide more climbing space and gym amenities.
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