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© Jared eberhardt/Flickr
© Jared eberhardt/Flickr
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The Best Coachella Events Of 2016

Picture of Mary Pettas
Updated: 11 January 2017
The hottest event of the year is nearly upon us – literally, one of the hottest as temperatures in the Palm Desert sometimes soar over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the weekends in April that mark the Coachella Music Festival. As city dwellers flock to the desert in a mass exodus, sometimes the fairgrounds can get a little overcrowded and overwhelming. In order to cool off and provide a haven for partygoers from the crowds, epic pool parties have popped up at estates and hotels all over Palm Springs. This phenomenon is dubbed ‘Poolchella,’ which consists of some of the hippest and most exclusive soirees besides the festival itself and have also become a marketing frenzy with brand-sponsored events where free products are practically thrown into the crowds in order to inspire new loyalties.

Indio Invasion

Sponsored by Pandora and backed by TMobile, who are both eager to cash in on the young market that the festival attracts. This is the third year in a row they’ve put on a party, which is open to the public with an RSVP and will feature a DJ set by up-and-coming artist Walk The Moon. 21+

Base Camp

This is an alternative campground for festival-goers and party seekers alike, as opposed to the campground traditionally outside the venue that is packed with people and provides the bare basics. Camp on the site of a nonstop three-day party, complete with a bar, pool, lake, and even hot air balloon rides. Unreal cool.

Flickr ©gd1cker
Flickr | ©gd1cker

Neon Carnival

Ok, so there’s no pool, and it’s not a day party, but there is a giant waterslide! This is the number one Coachella after-party and is pretty well known, but it’s only during weekend one and is very exclusive. Celebs and musicians alike head to this all-night dance fest after the show shuts down to let loose with carnival rides and surprise performances.

Flickr ©Jeffrey
Flickr | ©Jeffrey

Vestal Village

Another exclusive campsite that is a great place to stay instead of the dusty grounds next to the entrance to the venue. They have different pop-up restaurants every day, bars, DJs, campfires, welcome gifts, even horseback riding – and the list goes on. It has everything one would need to go glamorous camping, which is exactly what this festival culture is all about.

Popsugar Cabana Club

Held at the Avalon Hotel, this is a kick-off party thrown by a brand that is sure to pull out all the stops on the swag bags. Last year, they offered hair braiding services to channel the inner hippie while sipping on custom craft cocktails. Everything is free and everything is chic.


Stylist and Los Angeles fashionista Rachel Zoe plays on the influence that Coachella has as a fashion-centric event and creates her own oasis to celebrate these inspirations. It’s hosted on a private estate in Palm Springs, featuring musical performances, a denim bar by GUESS, and, of course, plenty of style to go around.

The Do Over

This is an organization that regularly plans afterparties for festivals such as SXSW in Texas and Ultra in Miami, featuring exclusive hip-hop artists and a laid-back vibe. It’s also hosted at the gorgeous Ace Hotel & Swim Club, so this one is sure to be a hit.

Flickr ©Robert
Flickr | ©Robert


This popular LA-based clothing brand that is on the rise is also making it big with their events every year, with both live performances and DJ sets. Art and fashion collide at the La Quinta estate, with an invite-only guest list. Better start making some calls now.