The Best Cafes In Berkeley, California

Cafe in Berkeley © Flickr/Sharon Hahn Darlin
Cafe in Berkeley © Flickr/Sharon Hahn Darlin
Photo of Jessica Rico
9 February 2017

In the college town of Berkeley, California there are plenty of spots to grab a hot drink, a pastry or a quick bite to eat. Many locally owned cafes in town offer a quiet and relaxing environment to put in some work, read a book or have a quick meeting with friends. Explore the best cafes in Berkeley and find your favorite spot.

Yali’s Cafe

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Yali's Cafe
Yali's Cafe | © Jessica Rico/FlickrA
With two locations, Yali’s Cafe is a reliable choice whether you are on the UC Berkeley campus or on your way to downtown Berkeley. With a variety of coffees, juices and smoothies to choose from this cafe is perfect for those in a hurry.

Cafe Milano

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Salad at Cafe Milano
Salad at Cafe Milano | © Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr
Situated directly across the south side entrance of UC Berkeley, Cafe Milano offers both students and visitors alike a calm environment. Along with two stories of seating room, the cafe also offers satisfying breakfast sandwiches, delectable pastries and tasty hot chocolate. The air is filled with music from soothing classical to mellow jazz to complete the experience of a comfortable space.

Cafe Blue Door

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Releasing a classic feel, Cafe Blue Door makes going out to a cafe a real treat. Come by and try the delectable nutella hot chocolate on a chilly evening. Or taste one of the many varieties of bagels, salads and sandwiches for a satisfying fill. With the beautiful fountain in the center of the cafe, you will feel a tranquil ambiance come over you as you enjoy a night to yourself.

Musical Offering Cafe

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The Musical Offering Street View
The Musical Offering Street View | © Jessica Rico/Flickr
If traditional is what you like in your choice of cafes, look no further than The Musical Offering Cafe. With its classic wooden chairs and furniture, the ambiance is an excellent setting for a casual meal anytime of the day. When you have finished dining, you can head over to the back area of the cafe to browse the collection of classical CDs. If you are heading over to one of UC Berkeley’s performance events, the cafe is in a perfect location to grab a bite to eat.

Lindgren’s Coffee & Cafe

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This spot is an ideal setting for anyone who is craving some time for themselves. Lindgren’s Coffee & Cafe serves hearty omelets and burritos for breakfast, and satisfying sandwiches and wraps for lunch. Pair those with any of their organic coffees or teas for a pleasing treat. The classic paintings lining the walls provide an intimate backdrop while you enjoy the calm atmosphere of Lindgren’s.