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The Best Brunches In The NoPa Neighborhood, San Francisco
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The Best Brunches In The NoPa Neighborhood, San Francisco

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Updated: 24 November 2016
The neighborhood north of the Panhandle section of Golden Gate Park, informally referred to as NoPa, is quickly becoming one of the city’s most interesting neighborhoods. It’s here where restaurants that have been around forever sit side-by-side with newer favorites. If you ever find yourself in NoPa during brunch hours, check out one of these spots.
BreakfastBurrito | © Tantek Çelik/FlickrCommons
BreakfastBurrito | © Tantek Çelik/FlickrCommons

Green Chile Kitchen

The brunch menu at Green Chile Kitchen is comprised of a unique blend of American and New Mexican-style dishes. Stop into the restaurant on McAllister & Fulton and enjoy a breakfast quiche and cheese or red chicken pozole (a traditional Mexican stew). The restaurant also boasts a unique cocktail menu, including the delicious Fire Cider Tonic and Green Chile Margarita (yes, it’s as spicy as it sounds). The space fosters no fuss, cafeteria-style dining, which makes it a simple and satisfying place to grab a bite with friends.

Green Chile Kitchen, 1801 McAllister Street, San Francisco, USA +1 (415) 440 9411

NoPa Coffee| © Brian Bilek/FlickrCommons
NoPa Coffee | © Brian Bilek/FlickrCommons


Brunch at NoPa is the stuff of legends. We’re talking custard french toast, potato and jalapeño turnovers, and house-smoked bacon—with an array of cocktails to complement the unique flavors of the brunch menu.The neighborhood staple’s brunch menu is so legendary, people regularly start lining up hours before NoPa even opens their doors just to ensure they get a table. If you start to get a little antsy during the wait for your name to be called, hop next door to the ice cream counter at Bi-Rite and grab yourself a pre-brunch snack.

NoPa, 560 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, USA + 1 (415) 864 8643

Brenda’s Meat & Three

Meat & Three refers to a southern tradition in which a meal is made up of one meat entree and three side dishes. Consequently, the menu at Brenda’s Meat & Three has so many options choosing one might prove to be difficult. Whether you try out the shrimp and grits plate, dive into a corn succotash and white cheddar omelette, or enjoy something else entirely, one thing is for sure: you will not leave disappointed—or hungry.

Brenda’s Meat & Three, 919 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, USA + 1 (415) 926 8657

Traditional American Breakfast | © Saimad/FlickrCommons
Traditional American Breakfast | © Saimad/FlickrCommons

Eddie’s Cafe

If you’re looking for sweet and simple diner food, Eddie’s is the place to get it. The small cafe has been a neighborhood staple for years and is a great place to go if you’re looking for a quick, no fuss, traditional breakfast. Slide into one of the fluffy red booth seats and enjoy hot links and eggs or sunny side up eggs with a side of hash-browns.

Eddie’s Cafe, 800 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, USA +1 (415) 563 9780