The Best Bites in San Diego's Liberty Public Market

An epic burger from Stuffed!
An epic burger from Stuffed! | © Stuffed!
Photo of Katie Watkins
18 April 2018

This former Navy mess hall is now a robust food market, featuring vendors from around San Diego.

Located in what was once a mess hall at a naval training facility, Liberty Public Market is now home to over 25 local vendors and chefs. Since opening in the spring of 2016, the food hall has continued to grow, offering everything from empanadas to burgers. Deciding what to eat can be overwhelming, so we’ve rounded up five must-try places for your next visit.

Paraná Empanadas Argentinas

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Paraná Empanadas Argentinas at Liberty Public Market offers a variety of flavors.
Paraná Empanadas Argentinas offers a variety of flavors | © Paraná Empanadas Argentinas
Paraná Empanadas started as a vendor at farmers markets, before opening their first brick-and-mortar location at Liberty Public Market. The empanadas are family recipes, but with a Southern California twist. Flavors include a more traditional beef filling as well as a locally-inspired bean, cheese, and jalapeño option. Empanadas come with a choice of three sauces, including Argentina’s famed chimichurri sauce. For a fully Argentine meal, customers can sip on Yerba mate and chow down on alfajores for dessert.

Wicked Maine Lobster

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Bringing a little bit of the East Coast to the West Coast, Wicked Main Lobster is run by two brothers from Main. The shop is all about the lobster, serving up lobster rolls, alongside lobster mac & cheese, lobster tacos, and lobster nachos. There is also a classic New England clam chowder on the menu.


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Burger line-up at Stuffed! in Liberty Public Market
Burger line-up at Stuffed! | © Stuffed!

Specializing in burgers, Stuffed! serves American comfort food. True to their name, Stuffed!’s grass-fed burgers come—you guessed it—stuffed with different cheeses and served with a side of either tater tots, fries, or fried onion straws. The menu also has sandwiches, build your own mac & cheese, and fried Oreos for dessert.

Le Parfait Paris

Bakery, French, Dessert, $$$
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Le Parfait Paris bakes a variety of pastries and desserts.
Le Parfait Paris bakes a variety of pastries and desserts | © Le Parfait Paris
Le Parfait Paris sells Parisian classics like macarons, savory crepes, and croissants. Before expanding to Liberty Station, Le Parfait Paris was a long-time favorite of the Gaslamp district. While they do serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, the bakery is an ideal place for grabbing dessert.

RakiRaki Ramen & Tsukemen

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The Red Edition ramen bowl at RakiRaki Ramen.
The Red Edition ramen bowl | © RakiRaki Ramen
RakiRaki Ramen & Tsukemen operates restaurants in both Kearny Mesa and Little Italy. Their shop in Liberty Public Market is a quick-service version of their restaurants, modeled after stand-up ramen bars in Japan. The menu is condensed, serving sushi, curry bowls, and, of course ramen, among other dishes.

FishBone Kitchen

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Offering some of the freshest seafood in the area, FishBone Kitchen has a 12-seat raw bar, where they sell ceviche, poke bowls, and other seafood delicacies. The fishmonger also has a retail section where customers can purchase fish and other seafood to take home.