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© Julliane Albuquerque/Unsplash
© Julliane Albuquerque/Unsplash
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The Beauty Ritual Native to Calistoga, California

Picture of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor
Updated: 4 January 2017
Our ancestors knew a thing or two about staying beautiful. Before thinking hyper local was a fad, indigenous people around the globe tapped their natural resources for the best beauty tricks and trends. Beauty rituals are not only about looking good, but about indulging in self-care remedies that make you feel fabulous.

San Francisco’s Native Beauty Ritual: Volcanic Ash Mud Baths

Eight thousand years ago, the native Wappo people of Calistoga, a region in Northern California, proximate to San Francisco, sought out the geothermal springs native to this land. Why? When mixed with thermal spring water, the mud produced from the earth creates an exfoliator like no other. Leaving skin purified and soft to the touch, volcanic ash mud baths are as relaxing as they are beautifying.

What It Is

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Pure volcanic mud, created with hot mineral water from geysers and ash from native grounds is mixed with mineral water from natural springs. Today, you can visit a spa in Calistoga, where an attendant will help you into a tub and cover you from neck to toe with warm volcanic mud. Following this treatment, soak in pure Indian Springs geyser water, rich in minerals and salt.

What It Delivers

Mud Bath with Volcanic Ash © Indian Springs Calistoga
Mud Bath with Volcanic Ash | © Indian Springs Calistoga

Exfoliation is a beauty ritual that removes the layer of epidermal cells on the outer surface of the skin. These cells are mostly dead, so removing these cells is crucial to bringing vital skin to the surface (literally). Exfoliation will give you plumper, brighter looking skin with decreased pigmentation. Additionally, when you exfoliate your skin, the active ingredients of skin care products will more easily penetrate the top layer of epidermis. Dermatologists also claim that exfoliation decreases oil production in oily skin.

Where to Find It

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For the pure volcanic mud experience, visit the Indian Springs Resort & Spa.

1712 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga, California; +1 707 942 4913