The Best Brunches In Glendale, California

Breakfast Bagel | ©
Breakfast Bagel | ©
Photo of Kelsey Musick
7 November 2016

As we all know, brunch is the most important meal of the day. If you live in Glendale or are visiting the area, here are eight restaurants that will present you with a brunch you’re likely to remember and come back for again.

Corner Bistro

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Omelet | © whereheleads730/Pixabay
Located on the bustling San Fernando Road, this easily accessible location offers generous portions and friendly service. Corner Bistro serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for a decent price in a casual environment. Corner Bistro also offers a large patio and hookah, a seemingly unusual but striking addition to the assets of this diner. As the sun goes down, the vibe steps up, and a younger crowd swarms in to enjoy both the food and the hookah. For brunch, though, you can unleash your creativity, either by designing your own omelet or pancake. Don’t fret if you don’t like omelets or pancakes aren’t your style – they have plenty of other options too.

Shakers Family Restaurant

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Breakfast is served all day at Shakers Family Restaurant, a place where you’ll enjoy both the food and the customer service. Two of their signature items include their carrot cake and zucchini bread, both of which are a must-try. Shakers also offers two specific brunch specials that are only available on Saturday and Sunday; eggs Benedict and eggs Vienna. Something else of note is that Shakers uses trans fat-free and cholesterol-free cooking oils. The restaurant gives off a rustic vibe and is quite busy in the early hours of the day.

Foxy’s Restaurant

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For those with a ravenous appetite, Foxy’s Restaurant is the perfect place. This spacious venue offers a wide variety of meals to choose from, as well as a toaster at each of the booths. The menu comes with about as many pictures as descriptions for those who have a not-so-vivid imagination and need more than the written word to help them decide on a dish. The atmosphere, too, is just as remarkable as the menu variety. With a large vaulted ceiling, a sizable patio, and two fireplaces, one might think they’re on vacation at a hunting lodge.

Eat Well

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Eat Well
Eat Well | © Kelsey Musick
This hole-in-the-wall gem might seem a little run-down, with its duct-tape upholstery and its lack of decor, but that’s all part of the charm. The interior of the building labeled ‘Coffee Shop’ is both small and quaint. Two large chalkboards display their specials according to each day of the week, as well as their specialties. A must-try is the ‘Big Mess,’ a combination of eggs, potatoes, mixed veggies, spicy sausage, cheddar cheese, and ‘whatever else [they] find handy’ at the restaurant. You can be sure of one thing – you will most definitely eat well at Eat Well.

Granville Cafe

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A delicious meal at La Cabañita
A delicious meal at La Cabañita | © IK's World Trip/Flickr
This restaurant and bar offers weekend breakfast in a casual environment and is known for its fresh ingredients as well as its attention to allergies. The food at Granville Cafe is gourmet, and while their breakfast menu is on the smaller side, their overall menu is diverse. This allows for customers to spend a little or a lot, depending on their budget.

Le Pain Quotidien

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Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast | © Jennifer/WikiCommons
Le Pain Quotidien, which translates to ‘the daily bread,’ is a restaurant that actively practices what they call ‘the art of taking time.’ They have a special breakfast and brunch section on their menu where you can choose anything from avocado toast to a smoked salmon breakfast. The carrot icon next to various menu options indicates that the dish is 100 percent vegan. The dishes at Le Pain Quotidien are green, healthy and hearty. If that doesn’t interest you, there’s always the fresh bread from their bakery.

Porto’s Bakery & Café Dawny

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Persian tea at Raffi's
Persian tea at Raffi's | © vmiramontes/Flickr
This popular and affordable hot spot is the perfect place for a quick brunch. Porto’s Bakery may not have the largest breakfast menu in town, but they offer a decent assortment for an unbeatable price. The menu is primarily composed of several different tasty breakfast sandwiches, such as the chorizo and egg omelet sandwich and the guacamole and cheese omelet sandwich. If nothing on the breakfast menu catches your eye, there’s always their hefty collection of bakery goods you can sift through.

The Wooden Fork

The Wooden Fork offers customers a cozy interior design, healthy menu options, and one can’t forget the complimentary apples and cucumber water. The ambiance is relaxed but electric. The Wooden Fork is the perfect place to both eat at and be productive because they offer much more than just a good brunch. From cooking classes to book readings to live music, a memorable time awaits those who venture to this hidden treasure. The also offer delivery services.

The Wooden Fork, 316 N. Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA, USA, +1 818 241 5010