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Wilson & Wilson | © Jennifer Morrow/Flickr
Wilson & Wilson | © Jennifer Morrow/Flickr

The Best Bars In The Tenderloin

Picture of Megan Busch
Updated: 9 February 2017
Although the Tenderloin neighborhood near downtown San Francisco is considered ‘bad,’ there are some amazing hidden gems in the form of restaurants, unique bars and nightclubs, independently owned stores, and great live music. Read on for The Culture Trip’s list of the best bars located in the Tenderloin.


Wilson & Wilson

Wilson & Wilson is a hidden, Prohibition-style speakeasy inside Bourbon & Branch that offers specialty cocktails and special spirit tastings. Pass through the hidden door and enjoy elaborate cocktails prepared with house-made tinctures, infused spirits, and other artisanal ingredients, which can be ordered individually or as three-course tastings.

Wilson & Wilson, 505 Jones St, San Francisco, CA


Bourbon & Branch

Bourbon & Branch is a swanky, unmarked, 1920s-style speakeasy that specializes in handcrafted cocktails and requires a reservation. Whisper the secret password at the entrance (find it on the website; we’re not giving away the secrets that easily), and you’ll be whisked inside for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Bourbon & Branch, 501 Jones St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 346 1735



This full-service restaurant and bar boasts a cabaret stage and two theaters for sketch comedy and other live acts. PianoFight features a variety of shows, including world premiere plays, sketch comedy, choose-your-own-ending plays, improv and variety shows, dance, live podcasts, film screenings, and more.

PianoFight, 144 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 816 3691


Amsterdam Cafe

Amsterdam Cafe is a cash-only bar that specializes in craft beer, offering 25 taps and over 350 bottles of fine ales and lagers. It has a reputation for the best beer selection in the area.

Amsterdam Cafe, 937 Geary St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 409 1111



This unique spot with an apothecary theme serves prescription-themed cocktails in categories ranging from ‘painkillers,’ ‘stress relievers,’ and ‘mood stabilizers.’ Head to Rx and enjoy the low-lighting, gold walls, dark-wood booths, and comfy corner couches, and grab a drink to fit any mood.

Rx, 701 Geary St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 271 0896



Redford serves American comfort food like mac n’ cheese and pulled pork grilled cheese and a full bar, including a whiskey flight. Located in a hip, loft-style building with exposed brick and wooden beams, Redford is a great destination for enjoying yourself with a drink and some comfort food on one of those blustery San Francisco nights.

Redford, 673 Geary St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 563 8192


The Basement

The Basement is a stylish nightclub that features comedy acts and dancing. Offering a variety of cocktails, beers, wines, and sake, The Basement should be on your go-to list for stand-up comedy and live music.

The Basement, 222 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 742 7222