The 6 Best Markets in Sacramento

Market vegetables
Market vegetables | © U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr
In a city like Sacramento, most residents choose quality over anything else when it comes to food. Markets that carry fresh and high-standard foods, flowers, teas and coffee, and more artfully-crafted goods, are considered the best in the region. Here are some of the best markets in Sacramento.

Midtown Farmers Market

Farmers' Market, Street Food
Farmer's market | Farmer's market

Open all year round, patrons of the Midtown Farmers Market flock to 20th Street to support all the local farmers that vendor this lively gathering. Booths that line the streets exhibit regionally-grown and owned foods, agriculture, crafts, and other goods. Flower artisans boast their colorful blossoms of the season, and business owners showcase their merchandise and produce at the Midtown Farmers Market. Organic skincare lines often sell their carefully-crafted serums and creams to supportive Sacramento market-goers looking to localize their beauty regimen.

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Taylor’s Market

Market, American, Asian, European, Mexican
Market | Market

Hands-down, one of the most raved about meat selections in the entire region comes from Taylor’s Market. A gourmet grocery market, Taylor’s houses artisan butchers, bakers, and chefs to display some of the best produce, goods, and prepared foods in the city. Residents trust this grocer’s honor to food and to those who eat it; out-of-towners relish in the hyper-local selection of cuisine, flowers, beer, and wine. In operation since 1962, long-time Sacramentans and Taylor’s employees make up the market’s own management, cementing its dedication to the city and its top-notch artisans.

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Corti Brothers

Market, American, European, Middle Eastern, Asian, Mexican
Market food | Market food

European-inspired, this high-end market carries choice worldly goods, exotic foods, and a vast selection of craft pasta. Corti Brothers’ prices range to include both the humble and affluent shopper, with an inventory that features a variety of prepared cuisine and baked goods. Crafted sandwiches with modest costs are frequented by patrons, while dishes from around the world, like Loison Focaccia Mandorlata—a holiday cake dressed in almonds that hails from Northern Italy—sell out and must frequently be restocked to this gourmet market’s shelves.

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Sunh Fish

Farmers' Market, Seafood
Fish seller | Fish seller

For Sacramento’s seafood scene there’s Sunh Fish. This market boasts some of the city’s freshest selection fish, crustaceans, and other water-dwellers. Both citizens and local restaurants look to Sunh Fish to supply their business, party, or fridge with quality produce. Many of its patrons are longtime shoppers, swearing by the market’s high standard of goods. Saltwater or fresh, it doesn’t matter at Sunh Fish, where it’s believed to stock the best seafood in Sacramento, some say the entire region.

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Nugget Market

Market, American, Mexican, Asian, Vegan, Gluten-free, European, Middle Eastern
Market vegetables | Market vegetables
Nugget Market offers quality products that satisfy all the different kinds of lifestyles out there—heart-healthy diets, raw diets, vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, fair trade and more. Family-owned for over 90 years, the market honors its patrons by stocking goods of the highest quality, that fits different budgets and ways of living. Although many shoppers frequent Nugget for its high-standard organic groceries, it’s the market’s bakery that’s the real favorite. A quaint seating area just outside the in-house storefront makes for the optimal tasting area after purchasing an array of freshly-baked bread, cakes, and cookies.
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Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Market, European, American, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op | Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op specializes in sustainability and organic goods. In the produce section, colors burst and pop with both exotic and homegrown fruits and vegetables. A robust deli promises an abundance of options for people with or without dietary restrictions, and a full hot bar meets the highest grade of standards for prepared craft food. For those looking to improve their food mastery, the Co-Op offers on-site cooking classes, welcoming all levels of chefs to try their hand in the art of cooking.
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