The Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Little Italy, San Diego

Roast Beef Panini | © Steven Depolo/Flickr
Roast Beef Panini | © Steven Depolo/Flickr
Little Italy is located in Downtown San Diego, in what was originally a predominantly Italian fishing neighborhood. After its gentrification, Little Italy is now a scenic neighborhood composed mostly of home design stores, art galleries, residential homes, Italian retail shops, and Italian restaurants. Some of these restaurants serve breakfast and brunch meals, and most of them still encompass the essence and flavors of authentic Italian food.
Tomato broccoli frittata © jeffreyw/Flickr

Tazza D’oro

This Little Italy establishment gives new meaning to breakfast with their unique menu which includes bagels, cappuccinos, homemade pastries, and more. At Tazza D’oro, breakfast is simple; you can have your choice of bagel with different toppings. Best of all, the bagels, whether plain, whole wheat, sesame, blueberry, or cinnamon raisin, can be paired perfectly with Tazza D’oro’s pastries and desserts, as well as their comforting cups of coffee. Banana bread, scones, tiramisu and cookies are some of the alternatives to the bagels.

Address & telephone number: 1603 India St, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-795-8370

Café Gratitude

Cafe, Restaurant, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
Cafe Gratitude inside Whole Foods Cupertino
Cafe Gratitude inside Whole Foods Cupertino | © tomatoes and friends/Flickr
‘Sacred Commerce,’ this term means a lot at Café Gratitude. They provide inspired service and honest communication with customers, and it’s the philosophy of the café to express gratitude for the richness of life. This 100% organic plant-based restaurant specializes in gourmet cuisine and strives to provide a menu and environment that support health and sustainability for the community as well as the planet. Café Gratitude is a vegan restaurant, yet you won’t miss the meat. The french toast, barbecue tempeh scramble, breakfast taco plate, raw cashew crepe, and all other dishes are delicious as well as inexpensive.
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Harbor Breakfast

Nestled in the 1887 building on the corner of India and Beech Streets, Harbor Breakfast has a long and interesting history. Around 1888, it was a liquor store; by 1909 the building was remodeled, and in 1927 the building was occupied by a grocer. Remodelation work was carried out to create Harbor Breakfast and the business opened in 2014. They serve delicious meals like pumpkin pancakes, fried egg sandwiches, and tavern ham omelettes.

Address & telephone number: 1502 India St, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-450-7926

Al Teatro Panini Grill

Bakery, Cafe, Restaurant, American, Mediterranean
Roast Beef Panini
Roast Beef Panini | © Steven Depolo/Flickr
Al Teatro Panini Grill is a family owned and operated cozy European-style cafe and bakery established in 2004. Here, they handcraft every panini and salad to order, and their coffees are steamed to perfection. With a description like that, who wouldn’t want to start their day with a meal from Al Teatro? If panins aren’t your thing, this restaurant offers a breakfast menu with other authentic Italian items.
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Soleluna Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Italian, Coffee, Vegetarian, $$$
Soleluna Cafe was born from the passion for delivering an authentic Italian restaurant experience. They combine the true tastes of Italy with a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere in a casual and elegant environment. To start your morning off beautifully visit Soleluna Cafe for their hearty breakfast or weekend brunch. Their scrambles, bagel sandwiches and coffees are well worth it. This is a great spot to bring your family and friends to try traditional homemade Italian cuisine and enjoy the friendly service and relaxing ambiance.
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