The 5 Best Bay Area Sex Shops

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Photo of Deanna Morgado
20 April 2018

Sex shops may carry a taboo in many cities and neighborhoods, but the Bay Area is replete with options for the openly curious. Regardless of gender, orientation, or interests, these are the shops that will help inform, instruct, and cater to all your needs.

Feelmore Adult Gallery

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Rainbow on bed | Rainbow on bed

This Oakland sex shop witnesses curious out-of-towners and loyal locals filing up and down its aisles on a daily basis. Situated on Telegraph Avenue, one of Oakland’s most frequented streets, Feelmore Adult Gallery brings art and sophistication to sex culture. Darkened wood floors, sensual art hanging on the textured walls, and mood-lighting create a swanky ambiance fit for the snazziest clientele in Oakland. That same amount of class and careful consideration goes into curating Feelmore’s collection of toys, films, and other goods for the bedroom—only the highest of quality makes it to the gallery’s floor.

Not Too Naughty

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Sheer fishnet top | Sheer fishnet top

Not Too Naughty brings upscale sex culture to streets of the small east bay area town of Vallejo. Along with plenty of the usual inventory for all genders—toys, lubes, films, and such—this sex boutique carries a plethora of bridal/bachelorette goodies that are fit for all kinds frisky celebratory gifts. Not Too Naughty keeps their customer’s experience comfortable as to not run the shy ones out the door, but also regularly updates their collection so that loyal patrons consistently return to see what else there is to try.

L'Amour Shoppe

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Love, American style | Love, American style

L’Amour is a spot-on sex shop for those who may not be as seasoned in more adventurous sexual encounters. The extensive inventory introduces patrons to the idea of using more than just their body to bring themselves, and possibly a partner, pleasure. It’s an unassuming shop, with straightforward products, for the most part, and for the merchandise that needs a little more explaining, the L’Amour Shoppe staff is more than willing to help. One of the best factors about this shop is its schedule: open nearly 24-hours a day, it’s no wonder L’Amour is one of the most popular sex shops in Hayward.

Mr. S Leather

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Bondage gear | Bondage gear

After opening its doors in 1979, Mr. S Leather led the charge in the animal skinned, chap-wearing subculture of sex in San Francisco. This storefront caters to the rough and rowdy, with plenty of bondage gear, domination/submissive toys, and many other distinct gadgets and apparel. Though not for the faint of heart, the curious passerby often ends up taking a quick peek inside Mr. S Leather when walking through SoMa.

Does Your Mother Know

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Shopping | Shopping

Catering to all genders, Does Your Mother Know boasts the most extensive collection of toys, novelties, and lubricants in San Francisco’s Castro District. It feels more like a pleasantly racy boutique, specializing in bedroom fun. Tastefully arranged, Does Your Mother Know aims to find the balance between relaxing the more timid clientele into trying a new gadget and keeping their more experienced clients fulfilled. Regardless of their preference and amount of sex know-how, most patrons and the staff swear by the collection of lubricant, promising a world-class experience when used.

Lovers Outlet

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Late night hands | Late night hands

Down in the South Bay, Lovers Outlet dedicates itself to continuously enhancing the sex lives of their customers. This Gilroy shop doesn’t have a whole lot of other adult-store competition, located in a more or less low-trafficked farmland county of the Bay Area. Even if it did, Lovers Outlet’s upscale selection, reflecting their consideration of all erotic needs, would effortlessly keep customers coming back.