The 4 Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Marin County

The 4 Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Marin County
Marin County is one of Northern California‘s most serene locations. Surrounded by trees, mountains and water, Marin has some of the best viewpoints around. Whether you want to stop and take a photograph, or sit and enjoy a peaceful moment surrounded by natural beauty, these spots are sure to be memorable.
Golden Gate Bridge © Andrew Mace/Flickr

The Headlands

One of Marin County’s most coveted views, the Marin Headlands is an iconic image of the San Francisco Bay. Truly one of the most beautiful sights, the Headlands offers a view of the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge and the city all in one. What’s so spectacular about this location is the close-up view of the bridge, which allows you to understand just how immense it is. On a sunny afternoon, you’ll find this location bombarded with tourists posing in front of the glistening bridge. At night, though the fog takes over with some strong winds, the view becomes even more stunning. If you’re lucky to catch the Headlands on a clear night, every single light in San Francisco can be seen. Be sure to stop here with friends for a group picture, or with that special someone for the perfect end to a romantic night.

© Natalia Vergara 

Bolinas-Fairfax Ridge

The Bolinas-Fairfax Ridge is probably one of the most beautiful views ever encountered, and its beauty never gets old. Take the drive up to Mt. Tam and take a left at Ridge Crest Road. You’ll follow the curves of a windy road that caress the sides of Mount Tamalpais and right away will be blown away by how vibrant the green grass is on the hills. There are multiple places to pull over and park your car, so pick whichever suits you — you can’t go wrong. Depending on where you park, you may have to walk a few minutes out onto the edge of the hill, which will eventually open up to the most breathtaking view of the ocean. Stinson Beach will be below, most likely popping in and out of the clouds. Bolinas lays to the right, reflecting in the sun. Make sure to the stay for the sunset. Alone or with company, the Ridge is the greatest place to enjoy some simplicity.

© Natalia Vergara 

Chimney Rock

All the way out on the coast of Point Reyes lies a giant cliff in the middle of the ocean: Chimney Rock. This is the best location to go for a long drive and enjoy the beaches and scenery out the window. Right before arriving at the Point Reyes Lighthouse, there is a left turn that takes you through a field usually roaming with friendly cows. You’ll hike about 15 minutes up the cliff before being surrounded by bay and ocean on either side. To your right will be the ocean and below will be elephant seals beached next to the cliffs. Find a spot to sit and enjoy the view of the endless ocean.

The Cliffs at Fort Cronkite

Right down the road from the Headlands is Fort Cronkite, a beautiful beach with views of San Francisco. Next to the beach is a formation of cliffs on the water. A great place for climbing around and exploring, these cliffs offer a great view of the city, similar to that of the Headlands. A great place to sit and relax, this is the perfect viewpoint to watch the surfers below riding the strong waves. If you’re feeling a bit energetic, the cliffs are as well a great place to hop in and out of rock crevasses and do some climbing.

By Natalia Vergara

Natalia Vergara is a Public Relations student at the University of Oregon. She loves exploring new places and discovering the food and experiences that come along with the adventure.