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Best Booths From Etsy's Summer Indie Emporium
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Best Booths From Etsy's Summer Indie Emporium

Picture of Ellen Frank-Delgado
Updated: 29 December 2016
On May 30th and May 31st, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pier 35 hosted the PossibL Festival in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the World’s Fair in San Francisco. The festival featured a panel on resilient communities, an opportunity to participate in FreeSpeechTV, and a chance to eat at the Local Food Lab. As part of the festival, The SF Etsy team hosted their Summer Indie Emporium. The event was flea market style, each SF Etsy store represented with their own booth. Here are the best Etsy booths at the emporium – and you can still shop them online.

Bernal Burrow by Amy Perrier

Amy Perrier did not intend to start a business when she agreed to help plan her friend’s wedding. Yet, she found herself quitting her day job in 2013 to fully dedicate herself to her Etsy store, called Bernal Burrow. The store features string art, garden art, hanging wall art, and moss letters. Her trademark products, though, are her playful marquee letters, which she first learned how to make for her friend’s wedding. Perrier saw how expensive these letters were to buy, and decided to begin selling homemade ones, which she sells for anywhere from $10 to $100, depending on their size.

Bernal Burrow, +1 (916) 549-8027

MAC Cutting Boards by Bart & Josie McHale

Bart & Josie McHale run MAC Cutting Boards in San Bruno, CA. The family-run business was founded in 2009, when the couple asked their sons to make Christmas gifts, rather than buy them. It is no surprise that those who were lucky enough to receive the cutting boards soon asked for more. As orders began piling up, the family began selling at wine and cheese fairs. Now, the custom made cutting boards can be ordered on their website or through their Etsy store. The wood is scrap wood, but cutting boards can be made of maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, or even Brazilian cherry hardwoods. In addition to cutting boards, the McHales also make tables, wall-mounted bottle openers, and bread knives.

MAC Cutting Boards, +1 (650) 291-8804

A Jar of Pickles by Kirstie Patricia Lee

A Jar of Pickles is based in the Bay Area. The business started when Kirstie Lee began using her free time to design paper stationary for extra cash in college. Eventually, her business took off and she decided to open an Etsy store. The store’s name is inspired by her nickname “Pickles” and features extremely punny, cute paper stationary such as birthday cards. The simplicity and creativity of her goods truly make her Etsy store a must-shop stop.

A Jar of Pickles, +1 (510) 859-7237

The Heated by Christina Espinosa

Like many other Etsy stores, The Heated started as something else entirely. In fact, Christina Espinosa’s screen-printed goods were part of her band merchandise for her band of the same name. When it was clear that her dishtowels (or “tea towels if you’re feeling fancy or if you’re from the U.K.”) were outselling band t-shirts, Espinosa decided to put down the guitar. She now designs all of her products herself, using non-toxic and water-based ink, and sells through her Etsy store and in San Francisco local stores such as The Booksmith, Foggy Notion, The Mason Jar, and Merch. Espinosa also has continued to make music and you can find her full-length album, The Projector, on iTunes here.

The Heated, +1 (415) 595-7944