The 10 Places To Get The Most Outrageous Desserts In Los Angeles

Sprinkles ice cream sandwich | Courtesy of Sprinkles
Sprinkles ice cream sandwich | Courtesy of Sprinkles
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26 October 2016

Los Angeles is home to a multitude of dessert destinations. Dessert hot spots are innovating and reinventing ordinary desserts to create dessert concoctions that have people traveling far and wide to experience the unique flavor combinations found all over LA. From extravagant donuts to revamped churros, these 10 dessert spots will help you uncover your newest craving.


CottonHi pairs 100 per cent organic cotton candy and fresh, creamy soft serve. Their signature cotton candy and soft serve duo comes in an assortment of flavors. Add an assortment of toppings to the mix and you have an outrageously delicious and customizable dessert pleasing to both the eye and the taste buds. Popular flavor combinations include tiramisu soft serve with chocolate cotton candy and red velvet and mango cheese delight. In addition, CottonHi offers fun drinks like blue lemonade and berry mojito.

CottonHi, 3825 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA, USA +1 213 263 1905

California Donuts

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Donuts Closeup l | © Carlo Verso/Unsplash
California Donuts guests will see a stunning assortment of creative, colorful donuts decorated as pandas, adorned with sprinkles, and topped with their favorite cereals like Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Popular specialties include the Blueberry Toast Crunch donut, the Frooty Loop donut, and the signature panda-shaped donut, made with delicious Oreo pieces. In addition, they serve classic donut flavors like a matcha green tea donut, pink d’oh-nut, as well as a toasted coconut donut. As if it couldn’t get any sweeter, they also offer custom letter donuts that allow guests to spell out customized messages with their sugary treats.

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Los Angeles locals can’t get enough of Sprinkles, a famous dessert landmark with delicious signature cupcakes, ice cream, and fresh baked cookies. Popular favorites include the Sprinkles Sundae, which has a delicious scoop of their premium ice cream between the top and bottom of any Sprinkles cupcake. This combination creates the ultimate dessert experience, allowing customers to pair any ice cream flavor of their choice with decadent cupcake flavors like red velvet, S’mores, and maple bacon. Sprinkles offers an assortment of delicious ice cream flavors that rotate every week, like crème brûlée and orange blossom negroni. In addition, guests can try other sweet treats like their cookie/brownie sundae or a Sprinkles Sandwich, which is a heavenly combination of delicious ice cream between two cupcake tops. To top it all off, Sprinkles offers a fun and convenient cupcake ATM for guests to satisfy their cupcake craving 24/7.

Sprinkles Ice Cream, 735 S Figueroa St Ste 210, Los Angeles, CA, USA +1 213 228 2100

Sprinkles Sundae | Courtesy of Sprinkles

Sprinkles Sundae | Courtesy of Sprinkles

Ridges Churro Bar

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the Ridges Churro Bar food truck is must try dessert destination. They have paired the churro with ice cream and revamped it with an assortment of flavors like Fruity Pebbles, Nutella nut, S’mores, and strawberry shortcake. Their delicious and sought-after sugary concoctions create long lines, but the end result makes it well worth the wait.

Gotta Have S’more

The traditional S’more is a classic childhood favorite. At Gotta Have S’more, they are remaking S’mores in new, innovative, and delicious ways. They have revolutionized the traditional S’more, reinventing it into a bite-sized ‘S’muffin’ packed with unique flavors guaranteed to elevate your taste buds. They also serve unique S’more concoctions like cookies and cream, strawberries and cream, and chocolate caramel S’muffins. You will never look at S’mores the same way after experiencing this sweet treat.

Gotta Have S’more, 3606 Holdrege Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA +1 888 957 6673

S’muffins | Courtesy of Gotta Have S’mores

S’muffins | Courtesy of Gotta Have S’mores


MILK is renowned for its signature macaroon ice cream sandwiches, which combine rich ice cream flavors with handmade macaroons. Guests have the option to have their delicious macaroon sandwich half dipped in white chocolate and extra toppings like Fruity Pebbles as a sugary finishing touch. The macaroon ice cream sandwiches come in sought after flavors like grasshopper, dulce de leche, salted caramel, and Thai tea flavors. In addition, MILK serves strawberry shortcake bars, cupcakes in a cone, and a spin on a household favorite cake: Blue Velvet Cake. This popular dessert destination has both indoor and outdoor seating.

MILK, 7290 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA +1 323 939 6455

Donut Friend

Donut Friend has elevated the donut game with the customizable donuts that come in a wide array of flavors, toppings, and fillings to choose from. Guests can customize their own sugary concoction or they can choose from one of many signature compilations that combine outrageous flavor combinations. Signature donuts include eccentric creations like the Srirachosin donut, which has a unique combination of ingredients like peanut butter, strawberry jam, coconut bacon, and a hint of Sriracha. Donut Friend also carries limited edition donut combos like the Angry Samoa, S’morrisey, and Joyce Lavender.

Donut Friend, 5107 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA +1 213 995 6191

Churro Borough

Churro Borough is well known for The Original churro ice cream sandwich, which features your choice of ice cream flavors paired with two warm churro discs, otherwise known as the ultimate churro experience. They utilize top quality ingredients in their delicious desserts, crafting unique ice cream flavors like their horchata sherbet, spicy hot chocolate, matcha green tea, and vanilla custard. In addition, popular seasonal ice cream flavors include strawberry buttermilk, chocolate cookie malt, and brown butter cookie sorbet. To top it off, Churro Borough offers an assortment of toppings, ice pops, and beverages to add to each guest’s churro indulgence.

Churro Borough, 1726 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA +1 323 662 0341

B Sweet Dessert Bar

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B Sweet Dessert Bar serves Halo, a pressed donut sandwich with creamy ice cream in the middle. Another favorite among guests is the signature Ube Halo, a delicious pressed ice cream sandwich with purple ice cream goodness at its core. This fun dessert destination offers classic baked goods like hot bread pudding, floats, nitro coffee, and brownies. They even carry a sweet treat wittily dubbed the ‘sluttiest brownie,’ a warm, sinfully delicious chocolate creation with five layers of chocolate chip, Oreo, marshmallow, graham cracker, and brownie. Be on the lookout for their Halo Halo, a classic Filipino dessert consisting of shaved ice with 13 layers of flavor, including leche flan with decadent Ube ice cream on top.


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Sweet! allows guests to create their own chocolate bar. Start your sugary journey by choosing from milk, dark, or white chocolate. Next, choose from a variety of sweet fillings like Nutella, marshmallow, coffee, and strawberry jelly. Then you’ll see a large colorful chalkboard offering a seemingly endless list of delicious ‘inclusions’ you can include, like bacon bits, pop rocks, potato chips, and candied ginger. In addition, Sweet! offers ice cream and a jelly bean station and allows guests to see candy being hand crafted right in front of their eyes. Guests can also choose from pre-made chocolate collections or admire the variety of celebrity candy art murals, like Eminem made of M&M’s and Jimmy Kimmel made of jelly beans. This overly indulgent candy store is perfect for all candy and dessert lovers who love their dessert both outrageous and delicious.