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The 10 Most Inspiring Interviews With San Francisco Creatives

Picture of Emily Boleware
Updated: 16 December 2016
San Francisco is a city known for its talented, artistic population. Enjoy these inspiring interviews with San Francisco the artists who enliven and embolden the City by the Bay.

Jay Nelson in Through The Lens with Rob Machado

Nelson is a woodworker and painter who specializes in beautifully simple, small spaces, including minimalist treehouses and automobile customizations for surfers.

‘Living Sculptures’ by Alexis Laurent

Laurent combines industrial and organic elements in his sculptures to highlight the dichotomy between urban and natural environments, promoting unity and cohesiveness between society and the environment.

Artist Charmaine Olivia

Olivia explores purpose and identity through her vibrant paintings, celebrating sexuality and the female form.

Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane

The iconic Slick gives talks about her experience with Jefferson Airplane, and how the group became a staple of the counterculture psychedelic rock movement.

Graphic Artist Andrew McGranahan

McGranahan discusses his piece for the Art Against Animal Cruelty Campaign, using Photoshop to collage elements of space, fashion, and nature to create powerful, surrealist images.

Handcrafted in San Francisco

John Dufficy is an Irish artist and furniture maker who creates elegant carpentry pieces, usually without a tape measure. Instead, he goes ‘by the feel of what’s right for the piece.’

Artist Chuck Close

Close, a well-renowned artist in the Bay Area, taught himself how to paint with both hands after a debilitating spinal artery collapse in 1988 that paralyzed him from the chest down.

The Bay Bridge Installation by Leo Villareal

Villareal creates subjective pieces that complement space and mirror their surroundings. The Bay Bridge installation incorporates over 25,000 white LED lights, which reflect off of the waters below to create a magical, breathtaking scene.

Artist Mike Shine – ‘Flotsam’s Wonder World’ Documentary by Colin M. Day

Shine’s carnival-themed pieces are a celebration of imperfections and exploration of the dark side of things, using secondhand materials imbued with their own mysterious history.

Barry McGee, featured by PBS

McGee paints, draws, and creates mixed-media installations highlighting and celebrating contemporary urban San Francisco. Click here for the final video.