10 Best Things To Do And See In West Portal, San Francisco

© Mikol/Flickr
© Mikol/Flickr
Photo of Amanda Limond
9 February 2017

Many places in San Francisco are charming and perfect for exploring, but West Portal is a suburb of the city that boasts endless food options, boutiques, and even places to finish that book you meant to take care of last week.

Meet with the Philosopher’s Club

Need a drink? Join the Philosopher’s Club for a cool night of relaxation. One of the most unique spots in West Portal, it’s a trusted bar that has stood the test of time. Even after a recent face lift, the building still houses a mural of philosophers staring down from the ceiling and maintains much of the rough charm its regulars have grown to love. The Philosopher’s Club is a must-see.

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Snag an Original Outfit

A truly defining part of West Portal is the Goodwill Boutique: the trendiest Goodwill in the city. College students and thrifty fashionistas alike flock here to find the best hand-me-downs you could ask for. If you’re looking to shop the coolest styles for the best bang for your buck, Goodwill Boutique in West Portal is truly all you need.

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Find a New Knick-Knack

Curiosities is an antique store where all the quirkiest little objects can be found. Come in and find a new lamp, that couch you’ve always dreamed of, or possibly even a crazy old poster you can just see on your wall. West Portal even has a knick-knack store. How can you argue with that?

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Tour the Neighborhood

Though small, West Portal is a sought-after location, and the residential areas of this neighborhood are gorgeous! Just a simple walk down one of its side streets offers views of the hills, large homes, and surrounding parks. If you’re ever in the need of a beautiful walk, West Portal has you covered.

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Drink Coffee

Get caffeinated, everyone. This street is a major hots pot for java! From Starbucks to the little shops we all adore now and then, find the place that’s just right for your morning (or your break from work, stress reliever, interlude waiting for a bus, excuse to get away etc, etc…).

West Portal 05 | © Michael Fraley/Flickr

Take a Train Downtown

Possibly the best part of West Portal is that it is the first transfer hub for the inbound Muni. From the West Portal train station, you could catch any number of buses, or any Muni line from the L to the T. If you’re out of things to do in this area, hit the city.

West Portal | © Ian Brown/Flickr

Enjoy the View

If nothing else, West Portal has that certain undeniable trait that most districts of San Francisco have: incredible beauty! After a long day or a tiring week, grab a bagel, shop around, or just flat-out enjoy the fact that you’re in San Francisco. West Portal has a lot going for it, but the most amazing thing about it might be that it is in one of the best cities in the country.