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Yoga Next to the Pacific © Pixabay
Yoga Next to the Pacific © Pixabay
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The 10 Best Outdoor Workout Classes in San Francisco

Picture of V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Northern California Writer
Updated: 3 June 2017
The official start of summer is less than a month away. What better way to get fit than enjoying the views of one of the most picturesque cities in the world? Get fit, and enjoy the outdoors with these fabulous outdoor exercise classes in San Francisco.

Workout on the Hill

W.O.T.H. combines professional lifestyle coaching with a variety of changing fitness classes in Bernal Heights, including endurance cardio, yoga, circuit training, cardio boxing, and weight training. Phone consultations, emails, online resources, and positive affirmations are part of the equation, meant to help you achieve your health goals.

Workout with Workout on the Hill on Bernal Heights
Workout with Workout on the Hill on Bernal Heights | © Daniel Ramirez/Flickr

Outdoor Yoga S.F.

Yoga is great. It’s even better done on a beautiful beach during an epic sunrise or sunset. Outdoor Yoga S.F. understand this, offering fun classes such as Silent Disco Yoga (where, in addition to yoga, you listen to music through headphones and dance with others) at Baker Beach, or an Outdoor Vinyasa Flow class at Crissy Field Beach and Fort Mason Meadow. Both classes offer stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, adding to the overall feeling of zen.

Basic Training

“No walls. No mirrors. No TVs.” That is what Basic Training is promising you. Instead of what can be seen as the traditional gym experience, this exercise program gives you a 55-minute romp around San Francisco (starting in Hayes Valley) via jumping, running, pulling, and stretching. Think of it as multitasking – sightseeing and seeing your waistline shrink simultaneously!

Lindy in the Park

Dancing is such a fun way to exercise and get fit. But dancing and getting fit for free is oh so much better! Learn the Lindy Hop at Lindy in the Park, where you can boogie every Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Golden Gate Park. Don’t know how to Lindy? Fret not; a free, 30-minute beginner’s lesson is taught every Sunday from noon.

Lindy in the Park
Lindy in the Park | John Loo/Flickr

F.C. Kickboxing Bootcamp

Kickboxing is an invigorating workout, where you combine self-defense techniques with intense exercise. Fernando Fitness’ Kickboxing Bootcamp goes a step further, also adding in a warm up (stairs, running, jumping rope), functional training (resistance band, battle rope, speed ladder), and core training to the mix. Alta Park in Pacific Heights is the sunny backdrop for this athletic adventure.

U.C.S.F. Pre-Masters Fitness Swim

U.C.S.F.’s Mission Bay campus is home to one of the few outdoor swimming pools in all of San Francisco. At the Bakar Fitness and Recreation Center, you can take the Pre-Masters Fitness Swim class where, through such things as drills, turns, and interval training, you will improve your endurance, strength, and stroke technique. Added bonus? You could possibly make it on their Masters Swim team.

UCSF Mission Bay Rooftop Pool
UCSF Mission Bay Rooftop Pool | Andrew Ballantyne/Flickr

Schnell Schnell Outdoor Fitness

It’s pretty inspiring to work out at Kezar Stadium, former home of the San Francisco 49ers. Schnell Schnell combines fitness and fun at the stadium, where a typical workout can include running the bleacher steps, circuit training, sprints, jumping rope, and more. They keep classes small (about two to four people), to really focus on every individual, and go the extra mile by also recommending meals to keep everyone on track.

Koi Fitness

Variety is key in any successful workout. At Koi Fitness, in just one class, you will exercise at the Music Concourse, Stow Lake, Kezar Stadium, Big Rec baseball field, and other locations in Golden Gate Park. Other classes take place at the park’s carousel, or you can also get your beach fix at the Saturday workouts at Baker Beach. And the workouts themselves are just as varied. Each program is different, to focus on specific areas and muscle groups. To round out the entire experience, Koi also offers nutrition counseling.

Koi Fitness at the Music Concourse
Koi Fitness at the Music Concourse | © Eugene Kim/Flickr

BootCamp S.F.

You’ve always heard that “location, location, location” is paramount. Bootcamp S.F. will keep you from complaining that a certain workout is too far from home or work; you can take their outdoor classes at Golden Gate Park, Dolores Park, Noe Valley, The Embarcadero, South Beach, or The Marina. Over the course of a week, expect to get in shape via strength training (ab workouts, pull-ups and push-ups), cardio (running stairs, sprinting on the track, short hill workouts, long-distance running, etc.), and agility (cross-training). Each class closes out with some much-needed stretching.

National Fitness Campaign

In The Marina, a neighborhood known for posh and expensive shops, salons, eateries, and fitness classes, lies an efficient gym that is – get this – completely free. The National Fitness Campaign, an outdoor facility in the Marina Green Triangle, follows the “7 Movements in 7 Minutes” concept: core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility, and bend. You spend 45 seconds at each station utilizing your own bodyweight for resistance, with a 15-second break in between each of the 30 individual pieces of equipment.