The 10 Best Brunches In Venice, California

Green Lima Beans Salad and Fried Egg, |©T.Tseng/Flickr
Green Lima Beans Salad and Fried Egg, |©T.Tseng/Flickr
Photo of John Cavender
28 October 2016

Known as an eccentric neighborhood, Venice, California, contains a fitting variety of restaurants for long, delicious brunches. For all those in search of omelets, French toast and mimosas, read on for the best spots.


Definitely a local favorite, Flake offers quick service and delicious budget meals. Even though it occupies a small space on the Corner of Rose Ave and Rennie Ave, it still manages to fit enough tables to dine inside. The must-try items on the menu are the savory ‘Super Cro-jo’ breakfast sandwich and the sweet ‘Sambazon Açai Bowl.’

Flake, 513 Rose Ave, Venice, CA, USA, +1 310 396 2333


Restaurant, American, $$$
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Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes | © T.Tseng/Flickr
Luckily, this popular fine dining spot has two sister restaurants: GTA, a takeout option next door, and Gjusta, a bakery-deli-cafe nearby on Sunset Ave. Not only do these additional locations allow you an alternative spot to brunch if Gjelina is too full, but they also offer more meals to try. At Gjelina the lemon buckwheat ricotta pancakes and the Moroccan baked eggs are particularly tasty.


Restaurant, French, $$$
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The first thing you’ll notice at 26 Beach is their menu contains a full page dedicated to French toast. That alone should bring you here again and again. They’ve got everything from sausage-and-egg stuffed French toast to espresso-flavored challah French toast. Other recommended brunch items are the eggs Verona and the crab royal. This restaurant has mid-range prices, a spacious interior, and is popular on the weekends.

French Market Café

Cafe, French, $$$
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Serving its breakfast menu all day on the weekends, French Market Café has an intimate feel and a connected store selling wine and French food items. Of particular note on their breakfast menu, is ‘Le Cheval,’ a sandwich with two fried eggs on ham, and melted Swiss cheese. They do not take reservations, and their prices are mid-range.

Sunny Spot

Food Truck, Restaurant, Caribbean, BBQ, $$$
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Loud music, colorful bar stools and eccentric table garnishes welcome patrons of Sunny Spot. It feels like the type of place the young and hip go for late brunch to talk about the previous night’s excitements. Along with the traditional brunch meals, Sunny Spot serves moderately priced Caribbean cuisine. This sets it apart from other weekend brunch haunts.

The Cow’s End Café

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Situated in a two-storey building with an upstairs lounge, the Cow’s End Café is a popular budget spot. It is often packed on the weekend, which makes it a good spot to situate yourself and people-watch for a while. The cafe offers a variety of smoothies (made with non-fat frozen yogurt or dairy-free) and shakes (some as curious as the avocado shake). It also has many wraps, sandwiches and omelets. Come prepared because it is cash only.


Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
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Filled with various posters and memorabilia from the movie it gets its name from, this Mexican venuehas a special Sunday brunch menu that offers a variety of entrées served with a drink and a dessert. Be sure to try their signature tortillas and check out their life-size statue of Humphrey Bogart. Prices are mid-range.

The Firehouse

Restaurant, American, $$$
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Minutes away from the beach and located in what was a fire station in the early 1900s, this restaurant is perfect for a hearty brunch. Those who frequent Muscle Beach will be at home with the bodybuilder’s breakfast. This dish includes eight ounces of scrambled egg whites served with pancakes or oatmeal and the choice of adding a meat option. There is ample seating and rarely a wait, making it a choice location for last-minute brunch plans. Prices are mid-range.