The 10 Best Brunches In Pleasanton, California

Blueberry Pancake © Pixabay
Blueberry Pancake © Pixabay
Photo of Garrett Young
25 October 2016

It seems as the Bay Area gets deeper into the brunch scene, the food selection gets wider. From your classic American brunch, to your Korean fusion joints, the variety is endless, and exciting for the palate. From home-style to a newfound taste sensation, check out these 10 worthy Pleasanton spots.

The Press

Specializing in classic paninis, The Press presents a variety of sandwiches that will make you question if brunch truly needs to be breakfast-based. With healthy choices of soups, numerous salads, and Instagram-worthy fruit-covered French toast, this Pleasanton joint is truly aesthetically pleasing. With dishes served on wooden slabs, customers are placed into that family-owned ambience that many should experience in their brunch travels. So enjoy the ice chai latte with their version of eggs Benedict, and become a regular.

The Press, 1987 Santa Rita Rd Ste H Pleasanton, CA, USA, +1 925 846 9900


Chai Latte | © Pixabay

Bill’s Café

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Oatmeal | © Pixabay
Presenting the more downscale version of a brunch joint, Bill’s Café offers the classic American breakfast in bulk. Ranging from omelettes covered in avocado, scrambles with a plethora of protein, and banana bread pudding French toast any appetite will be sated. Open since 1977, this spot promises to offer fresh fruits and juices, as well as baked goodies for those who can’t finish a plate of their various versions of eggs Benedict and a side of hash.

Nonni’s Bistro

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Serving some interesting takes on brunch, Nonni’s Bistro presents quality meals. Ranging from onion soups to their take on huevos rancheros on a crispy tortilla, to even crème brulée with raspberries on top, it seems that this brunch spot is a must-visit for your late morning consumption. Promising to serve food made from scratch, this higher end hotspot lives up to its restaurant ambience. Whether coming down for dinner, dessert, or their mouthwatering brunch choices, Nonni’s Bistro is a can’t-miss in your Pleasanton explorations.

Jim’s Country Style Restaurant

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Jim’s Country Style Restaurant serves the American breakfast that you would find at any classic diner. Serving food like bacon strips, French toast, omelettes with the works, as well as your classic country-style gravy meals, this restaurant is all you could ask for. Enjoy the specials written out for the week while contemplating stacks of pancakes, grilled barbecued meats, which blend well with scrambled eggs and hash browns.

Mix & Eat Bobs House

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A traditional beef bourguignon
A traditional beef bourguignon | © DC/WikiCommons
Presenting a not-so-traditional American breakfast, this Korean fusion restaurant proves that brunch has no boundaries. Serving traditional easy Korean meals ranging from japchae, Korean noodles, to bimbimbap, better known as a mixture of rice, vegetables, meat and an egg, you will be pulled in by the flavors. Don’t fret though non-rice lovers, because Mix & Eat Bobs House presents a variety of fusion foods like chicken wraps, New York pizza, and the Korean-style pancakes that will leave customers wondering why they hadn’t stopped by sooner.

Dean’s Café

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Eggs | © Pixabay
Advertised by a big sign outside of their establishment, Dean’s Café can hardly be missed by the residents of Pleasanton. With a menu that serves countless meals, ranging from heavily stuffed omelets to their enormous corn beef hash, the customers can expect to leave feeling full and happy. Dean’s Café can be considered old-school. But like many classic joints that seem to last, the food is clearly a reason that it has stuck around all this time.

Denica’s Real Food Kitchen

Offering up baked goods like cinnamon rolls, chunky cookies, and pastries galore, Denica’s Real Food Kitchen shows that brunch can easily be a mix of sweet and salty. Serving up your classic waffles with fruits on top, pancakes stacked up to your chest, and their take on a breakfast burrito, the menu is endless in its choices. Visited by regulars, and kid-friendly, this hotspot caters to any brunch needs, whether they be for a quick pastry run, or classic sit-down style.

Denica’s Real Food Kitchen, 6058 Dougherty Rd Dublin, CA, USA, +1 925 829 6200


Cinnamon Roll | © Pixabay

Super Burger & Breakfast

With fusion restaurants becoming more of a hit in the past few years, Super Burger & Breakfast seems to be living up to the hype. With a menu that serves burgers, tacos, breakfast burritos, and a chicken teriyaki plate, the regulars are going wild over the variety. Not the usual morning order of eggs and pancakes, this little spot shows that their lunch choices can stand up against any breakfast plate. So whether coming down with a group or picking up just for yourself, there will be no disappointment in this transaction.

Super Burger & Breakfast, 4211 Rosewood Dr Pleasanton, CA, USA, +1 925 463 6310


Burger and Fries | © Pixabay

Zac’s Café

Breakfast doesn’t look more American than it does at Zac’s Café. Serving that hearty American breakfast of eggs, and your choice of a side meat, their golden hash browns that have just the perfect amount of crisp to them are the go-to at this brunch spot. So, enjoy your side of potatoes, while being transported back in time with their brown décor, and wooden furnishings.

Zac’s Café, 6715 Dublin Blvd Ste M Dublin, CA, USA, +1 925 829 6715


Hash Browns and Salad | © Pixabay


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Korean Fried Chicken
Korean Fried Chicken | © Pixabay
This Korean-American fusion restaurant seems to be a hub of foodie adventures. With unusual opening and closing times, which vary from the weekdays to the weekends, it is best to make reservations ahead of time just as a precaution. Serving both brunch and dinner, Gan offers foods like Korean fried chicken on a cornmeal waffle, to pork belly hash, it seems that this fancier fusion of breakfast was needed to spice up the brunch game. Serving not only a variety of Korean-inspired meals that are locally farmed, chef Peter Jee-Oh Chung offers a memorable experience.