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Strawberry Martini | © daspunkt/Flickr
Strawberry Martini | © daspunkt/Flickr
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The 10 Best Bars In North Park, San Diego

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Updated: 9 February 2017
North Park is a pleasant residential San Diego neighborhood full of the craftsmen cottages and bungalows that reflect California’s era of suburban development. Next time you’re in the neighborhood check out some of its great bars.
Gin & tonic
Gin & tonic | © cyclonebill/Flickr
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Polite Provisions

Polite Provisions define themselves as the manufacturers of local tonics, elixirs, and cures. This bar offers a selection of unique cocktails, spirits, beer, and wine that rotates daily, and the wide range of drinks is not the only thing offered in this stylish, retro space. At Polite Provisions they love to share the art of cocktails with their many guests. They believe that everyone who wishes to learn how to make amazing cocktails at home should be encouraged to acquire the knowledge. Thus, Polite Provisions offers cocktail and spirit classes throughout the year.

4696 30th St, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-677-3784

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Live Wire

Joe Austin and Sam Chammas opened Live Wire in 1992. Named after their college radio KCR – the live wire, the bar is all about “kick ass bands and kick ass beers”. The first wave of local beers poured from the taps when the bar opened. Rocket from the Crypt, Fluf Lucy, Fur Coat and more blast from the jukebox, and Patrons enjoy drinking Alesmith, Ballast Point, Karl Strauss, Blind Pig and much more. 20 years after its opening the bar stays true to its origins, not much has changed, and why should it? Live Wire has great beer, pint size cocktails, and an awesome jukebox.

2103 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-291-7450

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Splash Wine Lounge and Bistro

Voted San Diego’s best wine bar, this spot has over 100 wines from all over the world, quality food, and a warm, unpretentious environment. Splash is perfect for a first date or a night out with a group of friends. This wine lounge should be on everybody’s to-do list when in North Park, since Splash is committed to providing a comfortable environment where people can learn about and discover the pleasures of wine. They bring people together for the love of wine, conversation, friendship, and enjoyment of life.

3043 University Ave, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-296-0714

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Whistle Stop Bar

The Whistle Stop Bar was established in 1979 and boarded up for the 1990s only to be reestablished in 2001. This little bar features a full bar with 12 beers on draft, bottled beers, wine, a great selection of top shelf liquor, and an unbeatable well. The bar also hosts weekly DJ events, board games, fashion shows, political rallies, knitting jams, live music, movie screenings, pool, darts, and more.

2236 Fern St, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-284-6784

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Coin-Op Game Room

Coin-Op Game Room is situated in the heart of North Park. The area’s recent gentrification has led to the emergence of a diverse mix of breweries, coffee shops, and cafés. The area has also become known as the home of some of the best craft cocktail and craft beer bars in San Diego, and Coin-Op is at the top of the list. This place has around 30 games to play, ranging from 1981 releases Galaga and Frogger, to the 2014 version of Golden Tee. Aside from great drinks at reasonable prices and a wide range of games, Coin-Op Game Room also serves delicious food.
3926 30th St, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-255-8523

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Seven Grand Whiskey Bar

At Seven Grand Whiskey Bar you’re not only encouraged to indulge in your choice of whiskey, cocktail or beer, but you can also explore the international wall of whiskey with selected products from different parts of the globe, from North America to Asia. Seven Grand’s seasonal cocktail menu is inspired by vintage and contemporary recipes and builds its foundation on freshly squeezed juice and house-made syrups. Whether you come to enjoy your favorite whiskey, a fresh Old Fashioned, a cold draft beer, a cigar or a game of pool, the Seven Grand Whiskey Bar crew welcomes you to their appealing establishment.

3054 University Ave, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-269-8820

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True North Tavern

True North Tavern is a casual, laid-back neighborhood bar offering a unique atmosphere and experience in providing something for everyone. Located in the North Park neighborhood, this is the ideal place for social gatherings and special events, even keeping the sports connoisseur in mind. Here, you’ll find great drinks and great people surrounded by eye catching visuals of music videos, daily sports, and a classic movie or two. Drop in, enjoy great drinks at two full-service bars, and experience the welcome from the friendly and genuine staff.

3815 30th St, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-291-3815

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The Rose

The owners of this bar enjoy well-paired food and drink, making them experts on how to please customers with a similar interest. They work with local farmers to bring simple yet delicious fare to their bar to accompany their wide selection of drinks. The Rose is a great place to visit any day of the week as they have a happy hour and provide tasty bar fare daily. Consider stopping by on a Monday night for dinner or on the weekend for brunch. Don’t forget to check their calendar for upcoming events.

2219 30th St, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-281-0718

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Redwing Bar & Grill

Like many of North Park’s best bars, this neighborhood bar serves casual drinks and bites. Redwing also organizes a popular karaoke night and other theme nights. Sports enthusiasts are more than welcome here, as this bar is your NFL headquarters all season. Aside from the awesome drinks, events and sports, Redwing offers something new every day of the week. Redwing’s daily specials range from $4 craft drafts, $1 house made tacos and $9.50 burger & tall boy, to 50 cents wings and $3 domestic bottles.

4012 30th St, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-281-8700

Small Bar

Don’t let the name of this bar fool you. It may be called Small Bar but there is nothing small about it. They offer a large list of drinks including Guinness Irish Dry Stout, Bienvenido Pale Lager, Grapefruit Idiot Double IPA, Raspberry Sour Wench Sour Ale, and Blond American Blonde Ale. Small Bar hosts large events from steak night to Friday Hoppy Hour. This casual and welcoming bar also has a friendly staff happy to help any customer make the most of their visit.

4628 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA, USA +1 619-795-7998

Strawberry Martini
Strawberry Martini | © daspunkt/Flickr