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Tagging The Concrete Jungle: Top 5 Graffiti Hotspots In L.A.

Tagging The Concrete Jungle: Top 5 Graffiti Hotspots In L.A.

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Updated: 11 December 2015
Los Angeles hosts some of the most diverse and vibrant communities in the world, and it follows that the street art produced by its inhabitants reflects this. Take a deeper look at the heart of Southern California to discover its array of spray-painted masterpieces.

A mural of Mt. Rushmore by Eduardo Kobra  |
A mural of Mt. Rushmore by Eduardo Kobra |

The Huffington Post lists LA as the seventh best city in the world to see street art. Check out Eduardo Kobra’s psychedelic take on Mt. Rushmore (above), and the ranking seems spot-on. Amazing graffiti pieces can be seen everywhere throughout this great city – on the sides of cafés, inside abandoned zoos, and even within art stores. Below are a few examples of street art we find particularly interesting.

Outside Art of Bella  |  Photo by Summer Powers
Outside Art of Bella | Photo by Summer Powers

Art of Bella and 33third in Koreatown

Once upon an LA stroll, we found a pretty ceramics studio on the corner of 6th and Oxford called Art of Bella. The outside is immediately enticing: the side of the building sports a large mural of a girl painting a mug. It’s a colorful and playful hint at what lies inside. Several art stores like this promote the image of street art, whether on the outside with murals or the inside with graffiti supplies. Another store that supports street art is 33third, where street artists can find all of their spray paint tools and art lovers can admire work on the walls.

Art of Bella, 3881 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 213 251 1015

33third, 5111 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 310 694 3460

A mural in DTLA  |  Photo by Summer Powers
A mural in DTLA | Photo by Summer Powers

The Arts District in DTLA

With one too many graffiti spots to count, we’ll include the whole of downtown LA’s art district. For a guided tour of the best graffiti and mural locations, check out LA Art Tours. The tour starting location is 901 E. 2nd St, Los Angeles, and on it you’ll see work by artists like Nychos, who started a street art/graffiti movement in 2005 called the Rabbit Eye Movement. Don’t want to venture beyond your living room? Plenty of blogs boast galleries full of graffiti images, such as Colors in Los Angeles.

LA Art Tours, 670 Moulton Ave #9 A, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 310 503 2365

The Old LA Zoo in Griffith Park

While we’ve covered it before, the Old LA Zoo, AKA the abandoned zoo in Griffith Park, has even more to offer in the way of forbidden arts. The urban art of graffiti meets with natural formations and animal cages to create a fascinating and timeless picture. Spend the day crawling through cages that look like painted caves, and at night walk further into the park to watch Much Ado About Nothing or another play by The Independent Shakespeare Co. No need to bring food or drinks -enjoy provided snacks and a show full of laughter!

Old LA Zoo, Griffith Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 (323) 644-2050

A mural on the outside of TeaPop  |  Photo by Summer Powers
A mural on the outside of TeaPop | Photo by Summer Powers

TeaPop in North Hollywood

Who can forget the whimsical graffiti mural decorating the outside of TeaPop? This north Hollywood Café perfectly displays its elegance and raunchy humor with one of LA’s best known, and most loved, art mediums. Commercialized graffiti, as in street art used to promote a locale such as a store or a café like TeaPop, is becoming increasingly common all over the City. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, as it helps the artists we want to see and the stores that want us to come take a look. See graffiti like the murals we’ve mentioned and more when you visit any of these prime locations.

TeaPop, 5050 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA, USA, +1 818 732 0084

By Summer Powers