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Street Art Spotlight: 16 Of WRDSMTH's Inspiring Works

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Updated: 28 December 2016
WRDSMTH is a street artist of unknown identity who describes himself as ‘a writer doing time in Hollywood’, but he is also a graffiti artists who paints his images on power boxes around the city. While this may come off as a negative connotation, many of WRDSMTH’s creations are positive and motivational. He frequently communicates that his goal in plastering inspirational quotes all over LA is to fascinate, uplift, even sometimes to criticize, but always to spread love to the city and its inhabitants.

The creations are topical, shareable, and relatable, instigating a local phenomenon. And he doesn’t quit, with new installations popping up in front of bus stops and street corners everywhere, everyday. Citizens can recognize his handiwork by the signature typewriter that so poignantly combines images and text. He is playing on this perception of graffiti which usually involves some aspect of both, and which is ubiquitous in LA, but he presents it with an entirely new perspective by using his street art to inspire and reflect on what makes this city and the individuals who occupy it special, and in order to start a conversation with the community. See some of his tongue-in-cheek, badass love letters to LA below.

On LA & The Industry:


every dog-gone day Photo Credit: @ruffcutzdtla #WRDSMTH

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I love you, #wrdsmth 🤘🏼

A photo posted by Yuliya Garkusha (@gooliya_) on


#holliwood #walkoffame #wrdsmth ✨✨✨✨✨

A photo posted by Claudia (@cla_mademoiselle) on

On Inspiration:




c r e a t e Photo Credit: @TriciaMiler #WRDSMTH

A photo posted by WRDSMTH (@wrdsmth) on



On Modern Love:



sunday confession #WRDSMTH #flashback

A photo posted by WRDSMTH (@wrdsmth) on


Never•ever•ever ((well, until I saw this sign, and you came straight to my mind))

A photo posted by Christine Jonas (@christinejonas) on


message received #WRDSMTH w/ the one they call Poppyseed

A photo posted by WRDSMTH (@wrdsmth) on


hashtag romance #WRDSMTH #WRDSMTHinLondon

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On The Secret To Life:


sometimes life's distractions are the secret to life Photo Credit: @tobysx70 #WRDSMTH

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