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© Little Damage / Instagram
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So Goth Ice Cream Is Now a Thing and the World Can't Handle It

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 2 May 2017
It’s been another crazy week in food world: unicorn milkshakes… and now goth ice cream. What’s next – fairy dust cookies? Don’t worry all, it’s just another dose of #forthegram!

If your soul is as dark as hell, you hate people and you spend your nights crying reading poetry in a corner (honestly nothing wrong with it, we do it all the time), then the stuff of your bleakest nightmares has finally come to life. What is it? Black ice cream, that’s what.

LA-based ice cream heaven Little Damage (great name, by the way) is now serving the gothic charcoal-coloured mountain of fluff to the wonderfully depressed lot in California.

Shut up and take my dollars.

‘What flavours do they come in?’, we hear you scream!

The most popular and official flavour is almond charcoal. Interestingly, the colour actually comes from activated charcoal. Oh, and you can request a matching black cone too.

If you can’t handle the full force of darkness, then you can pimp your cone with all sorts of fabulous colours. Just look at those sprinkles!

If LA is a bit too far, head over to Morgenstern’s in New York City. The wonderful gaff debuted their black Coconut Ash ice cream last year – and if you remember, the world also went insane over that handsome black devil too.

One word: nom.

And if you want to see the place in action, check out when we went to go and try the stuff for ourselves!

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Don’t believe us? Watch the video below!