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Dobbs Bar © Roshan Vyas/Flickr
Dobbs Bar © Roshan Vyas/Flickr

San Francisco Weekender: The Best Bars In Hayes Valley

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The weekend is starting, and you’re looking to grab a drink in the one of the trendiest places in San Francisco. Hayes Valley is a great area for date nights and the rekindling of long lost friendships. The neighborhood is known for its wine and cocktail lounges with dark lighting and amazing atmosphere. Make sure to visit one of these awesome places next time you are in the area.

Two Sisters Bar and Books

Two Sisters Bar and Books is the ideal establishment for those looking for a nice quaint and intimate spot to grab a drink and share a little snack. The menu is extremely reasonable, especially for the Hayes Valley area. Inside, the décor is warm, the vibes are amazing, and the staff is awesome. Make sure to arrive a little early to grab one of the few seats and be ready to enjoy a great classy night at one of the neighborhood’s favorite bars.

579 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 863 3655


This unique Bavarian-style beer garden is located in the heart of Hayes Valley and is a favorite place to grab a beer on a nice warm Saturday afternoon. Don’t only visit the Biergarten for their great drinks, but make sure to check out some of the great German food as well – especially recommended are the traditional pretzel or sausage. For the individual looking to branch out a little more, try the currywurst or the pickled deviled eggs. The lines start early and can last throughout the day, but do not let that keep you from drinking a stein in one of the coolest atmospheres in Hayes.

424 Octavia St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 252 9289

Biergarten © Henry Zbyszynski/Flickr

Biergarten © Henry Zbyszynski/Flickr

Noir Lounge

When first setting foot in the Noir Lounge, customers will immediately take in the unique design and feel to the bar. The intimate and close atmosphere makes Noir a great place for date night or catching up with a close friend.  Known as a wine bar, Noir Lounge also offers customers the chance to try an unique beer or a meal from their diverse menu. Make sure to stop in for movie night or on Sunday for live music.

581 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 431 6647


Muka is the premiere place in Hayes Valley for all types of drinks. They are known for their coffee during the day and cocktails at night. This place is awesome because it isn’t nearly as crowded as the other places, yet still has as many options and a similar ambiance to the other bars as well. The atmosphere is another perfect spot for date night because of the amazing dinner and drink combo. Make sure to check it out if you’re looking for the next perfect low key spot to relax.

370 Grove St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 701 9888

Fig & Thistle

Fig & Thistle is a neighborhood bar hidden in an alley in Hayes Valley. The bar is super casual and is known for the hipster crowd that hangs out there. Fig & Thistle serves local beers and wine and is known for the unique bunk bed that sits in the bar. This is another great little intimate bar with a friendly staff and lots of recommendations from wine lovers.

313 Ivy St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 589 7005

Absinthe Brasserie & Bar

Absinthe Brasserie & Bar is one of the nicer placer on the list but still will not break the bank.  It has some of the best food, covering all options. It is also a local favorite for its amazing brunch and lunchtime options as well. The bar focuses mainly on its wine list but has a ton of spirits and some beers on tap, too.

398 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 551 1590

Dobbs Bar

A great place for sports fans, Dobbs Bar has a nice list of beers on tap and a wide range of spirits. On game day, the bar can become very crowded, leaving only standing room for patrons. Their menu offers lots of bar snacks and even brunch on the weekends. Over the weekend, it’s a great place to stop before or after Biergarten for another beer and to catch up on some of the games of the day. Dobbs Bar is a must for those looking for a relaxing place to watch the game but with a little classier feel than the normal sports bar.

409 Gough St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 551 7700

Dobbs Bar © Roshan Vyas/Flickr

Dobbs Bar © Roshan Vyas/Flickr

Sugar Lounge

Sugar Lounge is  a cool, lowly lit bar in the Hayes Valley area. It has a nice setting with an array of well-made cocktail choices. The lounge is known to be filled with opera house attendees or locals. It is also known to get very busy for after dinner drinks, but happy hour appears more manageable. They also provide great bar munchies to snack on! The overall verdict: great cocktails, great lounge, great artwork, and great vibes.

377 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 255 7144

Brass Tacks

Brass Tacks has that classic bar-type feel, and the entire back wall is littered with spirits to choose from. Bass Tacks follows the Hayes Valley theme of being dimly lit with a great energy to it. The bartenders are extremely nice, and even help by recommending a great drink. As the night gets later, the place becomes more crowded so make sure to get a seat earlier. Brass Tacks has the hometown bar feel even you are not from the area and should thus be on anyone’s list to check out.

488 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA, USA