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San Francisco Skyline | ©  Rex Boggs/Flickr
San Francisco Skyline | © Rex Boggs/Flickr
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San Francisco For First-Timers: How To Spend A Day In The City By The Bay

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Updated: 17 March 2017
Planning to have a rocking vacation in San Francisco? Well, sounds like a great idea! But it is always wise to do your research and know what not to miss, so you don’t overlook anything worthy and regret it later.
Golden Gate Bridge | © Giuseppe Milo/Flickr
Golden Gate Bridge | © Giuseppe Milo/Flickr

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination, though it’s known for its chilly weather and fog. But why bother about the fog, when this city by the Bay has a lot more to offer – to saturate you with experiences worth remembering throughout your lifetime.

The following are some of the experiences you can have on a San Francisco day tour which you’ll definitely want to give a try.

Take a Stroll Along the Golden Gate Bridge

The bridge – which was once considered ‘impossible to build’ – is now one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It was constructed after many struggles, which is why it is world renowned. So walk along this giant masterpiece or take a bike ride and appreciate the magnificence of the structure. There are many beautiful views worth admiring while passing through the bridge.

Enjoy the Alcatraz Island Tour

Most people know it to be a prison island, but there is much more to Alcatraz. Enjoy the wonderful round-trip ferry rides while relishing the scenic beauty, and spend a whole day exploring the island, which has been preserved as a national park. Make sure you book tickets to Alcatraz Island well in advance to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

Join a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

With a hop-on hop-off bus tour, you get the privilege of making the most of the San Francisco City Tour at your own pace. There is a facility of open-top or glass-top, double-decker buses with free Wi-Fi, too; now that is good news for social media lovers! Tickets for the bus tours are readily available, which means no standing in long queues. Also, you eliminate the hassles of driving yourself and paying for the parking at all spots. Hence, you can spend your time adoring the new places you visit.

Don’t Forget the Cable Cars

You can’t afford to ignore the San Francisco Cable Cars; this cable car system is the last manually operated system of its kind. The cars run throughout the week, and the San Francisco has three car routes in operation. They are considered the city’s only moving historic landmark. That is a good enough reason to add a cable car ride to your tour schedule.

Alcatraz | © Jonas Bengtsson/Flickr
Alcatraz | © Jonas Bengtsson/Flickr

Get a Taste of the San Francisco Nightlife

Experience the wild and free nightlife of San Francisco in the hottest nightclubs, where you can discover new ways of having fun. Bring out your party animal side and hit the dance floor. Drink in an atmosphere that will force you to completely forget the world outside the throbbing walls of the club of your choice; you can be yourself for an evening, without worry. Take a chance and break away from your busy schedule for some night time fun.

Plan your trip to San Francisco around these major attractions and create memories for a lifetime.