The Pacific East Mall Is An Asian-Centric Complex In Richmond, California

The Pacific East Mall Is An Asian-Centric Complex In Richmond, California
Located just off highway 80 in Richmond, Calif., the Pacific East Mall is an attraction with features appealing to all tastes and preferences. The complex is a grocery store for some but can easily occupy an entire afternoon for those willing to explore. While the restaurants and grocery might be the main attractions here, there are plenty of places to peruse, shop, and even get a great massage.
Ranch 99 Storefront © Pacific East Mall

Since its opening in 1998, the Pacific East Mall has become a destination for some of the best pan-Asian entertainment, shopping, and dining in the area. The mall hopes to encompass many of these cultures, focusing on the cuisines and traditions of China, Vietnam, Japan and many others.

With ample parking and easy access right off of the highway, the mall is a great place to grab a meal or see the other attractions the complex has to offer. A walk through the mall instantly reveals the range of these cultures, with busy shops of every shape and size.

The venue itself is wide open, but the shops tend to be small and cramped, stuffed to the brim with wares for sale. The Pacific East Mall is an adventure for the senses, with bright colors shining in every shop window and delicious smells wafting from each of the many restaurants. With so many interesting features and shops to explore, the mall can easily occupy the better part of an afternoon for first curious time visitors.

Aisles of Specialty Foods © Ranch 99

The most popular draw is certainly Ranch 99 market, a grocery store that also sells hot dim sum and other Chinese food to go. It is one of the only and best stores in the area selling a comprehensive variety of Asian specialty items, including drinks, snacks, beer, and many other goods. Many of these cannot be found anywhere else for miles, making shopping there a truly unique experience. Of course they also provide all the items one would expect of most traditional American grocery stores.

One of the highlights of the market is the seafood section, tucked into the back of the store behind the hot food. With live fish, crab, and clams for sale, the market provides some of the freshest seafood around. The market also carries a number of other high-quality ingredients. A large produce section also provides fresh fruits and vegetables for shoppers.

Ten Ren’s Tea and Ginseng © Pacific East Mall

Perhaps the most popular restaurant in the mall resides just outside in a separate building. Daimo Chinese restaurant, which has been featured in publications like Gourmet Magazine and San Francisco Magazine, offers traditional Chinese fare to hungry customers. Choose from congee, dim sum, Chinese BBQ, or hot pot at any time of day. The restaurant is open from 9am until 3am, meaning that it’s a great place to satisfy cravings any time of day. Favorites include BBQ pork and duck noodle soup. Daimo is certainly not the only option in the mall’s vicinity.

There are many restaurants located more centrally within the mall. Kamza Sushi Palace offers sushi and other Japanese fare while Hong Kong Snack House is a casual spot for crêpes and other mostly sweet snack items. For those seeking something savory and fast, Ranch 99 is a great option for drinks, dim sum, and other hot Chinese food to go.

Orchids for Sale © Pacific East Mall

There’s plenty to see and do at the mall after getting a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants. Specialty clothing stores are tucked between restaurants, selling everything from shirts to socks at very reasonable prices. Whether you’re in the market for a bubble tea, a massage, or even a brightly colored orchid, the Pacific East Mall is the perfect place to go. It provides everything needed for an afternoon of fun, with features for all ages. For those looking for a meal or snack, the many varied restaurants and shops provide nearly universal appeal.