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Resonate With Irwin: Venice Beach's Ethereal Musical Journey
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Resonate With Irwin: Venice Beach's Ethereal Musical Journey

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Updated: 11 December 2015
Venice Beach, California may not have romantic gondoliers seducing the city with their Italian opera, but Venice does have a few local treats of its own. A truly underground experience is Resonate with Irwin every Sunday night at the Rose Room in Venice Beach. Unlike any other musical experience you have been a part of, this ethereal musical journey will get you thinking about sound in a whole new way.

As a composer for film and television, Irwin experiences the world through his ears. Having worked with a wide range of people from Deepak Chopra to Dave Navarro has given Irwin a versatile skill set that closely resembles a jar of jelly beans filled with an assortment of flavors. His highly attuned sensitivity to physics phenomena that most people are barely aware of makes this man a truly brilliant master of his domain.

Irwin definitely creates a different beat for his drum. While enjoying his work greatly, his philosophical nature leads him to push normal limits and ask profound questions about all the different ways you could use, abuse, create, manipulate, orchestrate, and fundamentally redesign everything that we currently know about music and sound. These questions have lead to his current project of facilitating one hour community sound journeys on his quest to try to answer some of these questions.

“It’s not a quick gimme” Irwin says. “It’s a process. I can make the richest, deepest, sounds or the most high frequency, sizzley sounds.”

His work drastically challenges music rules as he experiments with colliding sounds and frequencies. When asked what these events are all about, Irwin answered, “Ideally what i’m doing will make people think and feel in a way they haven’t with music before.”

At this point you may be asking yourself….. so what exactly is this thing that happens on Sunday nights from 8:00 P.M.- 9:00 P.M.? Imagine a smoke-filled room in a tiny apartment in Paris with the day’s emerging artists and philosophers exchanging ideas over whisky into the wee hours of the darkness. It’s like that all squeezed into one flawless drop of a mind-altering elixir, minus the smoke, talk, whisky, and it takes place in an open photography space by day, turned into meditative philosophical saloon by night.

The Rose Room | © Irwin
The Rose Room | © Irwin

The journey starts as you look for this unassuming door. The space formally known as The Rose Room is humbly unmarked, sparking your bewilderment before you even walk through the door. You will not know if you are going to the right place, but here’s a hint – it’s right next door to the delicious, organic, and local Venice Alehouse. You can pay $15 at the door, purchase tickets online and pay $10, or join Irwin online with a live stream of the event and pay $5. Once you find your way, you will walk in, grab a cushion to sit or lay on, and surrender to Irwin’s live exploration of sound. Close your eyes and relax as he takes you on this journey in real time while also playing his theremin. The theremin is an instrument created in the 1920s controlled by the performer’s hand moving around the instrument without ever actually touching the instrument.

Let your mind have its way with you for the next hour and you might be surprised by what you’ll find! Irwin is like a mad scientist, only his concoctions don’t blow steam…yet! These events will remind you that soundscapes are absolutely an art form that can be explored and stretched like any canvas. You will leave feeling perplexed and confused in the best possible way.