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Precita Park Café Is A Hotspot In San Francisco’s Bernal Heights
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Precita Park Café Is A Hotspot In San Francisco’s Bernal Heights

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Updated: 2 December 2016
Deep in the heart of Bernal Heights in San Francisco, lives Precita Park Café; an under the radar treasure owned by couple Dana Oppenheim and Rachel Herber. Opened in 2012, this location is the third and largest of the Park Café Group Series. We find out more.

The park locality is no accident; Herbert explains ‘I see the cafés as a way to build community. What I like to do is bring people together and parks are a very important part of the urban environment. All three of the cafés were designed to be an extension of the park.’ And extension it is, thanks to the location and windowed walls, sunshine floods the bright interior, giving weightlessness to the space.

Eclectic seating and long wood tables fit couples and groups with ease. A slight din fills the spacious room with the feeling of a big family sitting down to a meal. During the day, the café is just that, a café. Patrons can order delicious baked goods and gourmet coffees at the counter and take a seat wherever’s available. At night, Precita Park Café shifts into restaurant mode, with sit-down seating and gourmet food delivered by a server. A unique chameleon-like quality locals find perfect to add to their repertoire of blossoming culinary choices in the neighborhood.

Like their other restaurants The Dolores Park Café and The Duboce Park Café, Oppenheim and Herbert first focus is to provide the freshest, most sustainable ingredients San Francisco has to offer. The owners’ can thank their close relationships with local purveyors like Richard’s Grassfed Beef Co and Water to Table to maintain this goal.

Since it is not just enough have an assortment of fresh local ingredients, newly hired Chefs Chris Seyersdahl and Richie Wilim were hired in March of 2015, because they knew exactly what to do with them. While the fare looks standard at a quick glance: salads, pastas, pizzas, seafood and protein, the flavors are anything but as the Chef pair bold flavor pairings with each dish. Notable plates include the Compressed Melon salad made up of Summer melons, pickled beans, feta, olives, arugula, smoked pimenton vinaigrette or The Mushroom Pizza covered in Maitake, butter boulette, trumpet mushrooms with corn, stracciatella, sea beans and mizuna.

Many of the restaurants ingredients are made in-house, including their famous buratta cheese. If the idea of homemade cheese excites you, wannabe chefs can sign up to take classes with these highly acclaimed. Cheese making classes and more can be found on their mailing list at The Park Café Life.

And that’s not all, the café is also a proud supplier of craft beer and wines from local businesses, pairing drinks with their array of culinary masterpieces. The café is open Monday – Saturday 7am- 10pm and Sunday from 7am- 8pm. Oppenheim and Herbert’s hard work just paid off, as they were honored with Top 25 LGBT Businesses in San Francisco.

Precita Park Café, 500 Precita Avenue, San Francisco CA, USA +1 (415) 647-7702