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Flora Grubb Gardens | © Suzanne LaGasa/Flickr
Flora Grubb Gardens | © Suzanne LaGasa/Flickr
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Nurture Your Green Thumb At SF’s Flora Grubb Gardens

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A dreamland of luscious plants and DIY workshops, Flora Grubb Gardens is a haven for the planters of San Francisco. With an emphasis on plants that require little watering, taking a trip out to the Bayview neighborhood to explore the store that is a perfect outing for the city’s many environmentally conscious residents.

This gardening store and nursery features 8,000 square feet of artfully arranged succulents, flowers, and planting workspace. Stephanie Wright Hession of SFGate describes the experience of exploring the store: ‘Meandering along its gravel pathways feels like going on a mini adventure. Some lead to the pink-tinged leaves of the Echeveria colorata; other paths reveal the shell of an old car brimming with plant life or tucked-away spots with palm trees, boxwood and bamboo.’

Car Nursery Exhibit | © GPS/Flickr
Car Nursery Exhibit | © GPS/Flickr

Flora Grubb, the founder of the nursery, explains the intent behind the store in an interview with Design Sponge: ‘I want to bring peace and joy to people’s lives by helping them to create outdoor spaces that they love. My mission is to create a place that people can come for tranquility, inspiration, and expert help to create the perfect garden for the way they live.’

Grubb grew up gardening in the drought and heat of Austin, Texas, learning to get crafty with conservation as a planter. She hopes to pass on what she has learned to her store’s visitors. ‘I want to demonstrate that the perfect garden need not waste water, and I want to help people to make their gardens more appropriate for the climate they live in,’ she tells Design Sponge. ‘It is always my wish that I’m helping people to create gardens that they love, I am helping them to connect to nature, and that the connection they make to nature through their garden will inspire them to live more gently on the planet. It is my wish that more and more people will turn to their gardens to find sanctuary, and that they will develop a love for growing things that will stay with them for their whole lives.’

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Since her experiences in Texas, she has embraced the move to San Francisco. When asked, she has a lot of positive things to say about planting in the city. ‘For a gardener, the climate here is amazing. The cool summers and mild winters allow an astonishingly huge number of plants to thrive. And, of course, [San Francisco has so many] thoughtful, creative people who love and support our store.’

Vertical garden | © GPS/Flickr
Vertical garden | © GPS/Flickr

Since opening at its Bayview location in 2007, the nursery has attracted quite a lot of popularity. Visitors can expect plenty of gorgeous, innovative garden exhibits to enjoy passively, like Grubb’s vertical gardens, as well as interactive opportunities to design and plant for themselves. The nursery is open for group visits, and photo or video shoots are welcome. Visitors have the opportunity to collaborate and design a garden with one of the store’s experienced designers, take advantage of the Potting Bench to create something on-site, or browse the Cutting Garden to create arrangements for events and special occasions. There is even a Ritual Coffee bar on-site, giving visitors the chance to enjoy an artisanal coffee while they explore.