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Mitchell's Sign  | © Seleba Ouattara
Mitchell's Sign | © Seleba Ouattara
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Mitchell's Ice Cream Shop, A San Francisco Icon

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Updated: 29 November 2016
Mitchell’s Ice Cream Shop consistently appears on lists of the best ice cream in both San Francisco specifically and Northern California in general. Here, learn about the history and flavors that make this place one of San Francisco’s treasured landmarks.
Mitchell's Flavors | © Seleba Ouattara
Mitchell’s Flavors | © Seleba Ouattara

It was June 6th, 1953. Brothers Jack and Larry Mitchell had finally opened the ice cream shop of their dreams.

Armed with only three days’ worth of knowledge on preparing ice cream and the goal of creating the best flavor in San Francisco, they began serving 19 original creams to patrons of the Mission District on the corner of 29th and San Jose Avenue.

A multitude of flavors and over half a century later, Mitchell’s Ice Cream remains one of the best ice cream shops in San Francisco, and among the most notable in Northern California. The family-owned ice cream shop is well known for its selection of tropical, innovative, and exciting ice creams, such as the popular Mango ice cream, introduced in 1960 and the first of its kind in San Francisco, as well as international frozen treats such as halo-halo from the Philippines. In addition to serving ice cream, Mitchell’s also specializes in a large selection of sorbets, smoothies, candies, and cakes.

Mitchell’s sets itself apart from its competitors with a quality oriented ice cream preparation process. The ice cream is made fresh daily, using a 16 per cent butterfat base, a higher amount than any other San Francisco ice cream shop, and premium ingredients.

The fruit and other ingredients that grace the ice cream at Mitchell’s range from locally sourced to those imported from around the world. The decadent mixtures themselves are churned with a 10-gallon Emery Thompson batch freezer in-store, guaranteeing consistency and high quality.

Candy at Mitchell's | © Seleba Ouattara
Candy at Mitchell’s | © Seleba Ouattara