Meet The Roasters Behind Sacramento's Temple Coffee

Freshly Poured Coffee © Temple Coffee Roasters
Freshly Poured Coffee © Temple Coffee Roasters
Photo of Seleba Ouattara
24 April 2017

Sacramento has quickly become one of California’s most active food hubs, filled with unique restaurants, cozy cafés, and distinct flavors. Among the most notable of these is Temple Coffee Roasters of Sacramento, a local coffee house that promises amazing brews and quality customer service.

Indeed, these promises are not empty, as Temple Coffee Roasters has been one of Sacramento’s Best Coffeehouses for the past ten years. It has also ranked among CNN and Forbes‘s top coffee roasters in the nation and, in 2013, ranked number one in the world via the Coffee Review, a coffee scoring company.

In order to truly understand the inspiration behind the success, we spoke with Cole Cuchna, the Creative Director and Head Trainer at Temple Coffee Roasters, and asked a few questions about the history and philosophy behind the company.

What is Temple Coffee Roasters” In other words, how would you describe it to someone who’s never experienced it before?

Temple Coffee is a quality-focused coffee company. We take extraordinary pride in our product and the hospitality with which it’s served.

Real coffee | ©olle svensson

Give us a little history behind the brand.

Temple was founded by barista Sean Kohmescher in 2005. It began as a small coffee house in downtown Sacramento with a focus on the craft of coffee and extraordinary customer service. In 2009, Temple began sourcing and roasting coffee and has since expanded, with four retail locations and a full roasterie.

What sets your brand apart from other coffee shops?

I think a lot of shops do a great job. We focus on the things that are important to us: quality and service. I think we’ve gained a reputation for both, because we’re always striving to be better. I think people take notice of that and appreciate it.

I’ve heard many jokes about your coffee shop catering to the ‘hipsters’ of Sacramento. Would you say this is true? Who do you cater to?

We cater to anyone that walks in the door. We’ve set out to remove the pretentiousness that many often feel in a specialty coffee house. Great coffee is for everyone, and you should never be uncomfortable when ordering a cup of coffee.

Inside Temple | © Temple Coffee Roasters

Where do you get your coffee beans?

We source the majority of our coffee ourselves through our direct trade program, traveling to Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa multiple times a year to purchase the best coffees directly from their producers.

What is your roasting process like?

Because we purchase the majority of our coffees directly from the producer at origin, we know every coffee has a unique story. We don’t roast a coffee with any preconceived notions. We take each coffee and compose a roast profile that showcases the best that each coffee has to offer.

Concerning Sacramento coffee shops in general, do you think Sacramento has a distinct flavor worth visiting for? Can it compete with the flavors of places like the Bay, or even Seattle?

Yes, it can absolutely compete. Sacramento is quickly becoming a recognized hub for specialty coffee not only in California, but in the nation. We are lucky to have such an abundance of roasters doing a great job in such a concentrated area.

What is the most unique thing on your menu?

At our Davis location, we offer a Nitrogen-infused Cascara Cold Brew Tea. Cascara is the fruit surrounding the coffee bean, and we make cold brew tea from it and infuse it with nitrogen for a stout-like body. It’s fruity and rich and all kinds of delicious.

Cascara Blend | © Temple Coffee Roasters

What is your personal favorite thing to eat or make on the menu?

Personally, I love making (and consuming) the Gibraltar. It’s a five-ounce beverage of espresso and steamed milk. It’s just enough milk to accent the sweetness of the espresso without masking its nuances.

What advice would you give to someone trying to break into the business?

Work hard. Very hard.

What’s next for the brand’

We’ve been focusing on expanding the brand’s online presence and increasing our national exposure. We also have a new retail location opening next year, our biggest shop to date. Of course, expansion must be carefully calculated so as to not compromise quality in the process.

Latte Art | © Temple Coffee Roasters

Interview by Seleba Ouattara

Special Thanks to Cole and Temple Coffee Roasters for participating in this interview.

For more information and locations, visit Temple Coffee Roasters’ homepage.

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