Meet the Fashion Stylist for 'Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian'

Melissa Meister | © Koury Angelo
Melissa Meister | © Koury Angelo
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Fashion Editor7 December 2017

“We have lost intimate human connection in this digital age,” says stylist Melissa Meister, who founded the tech company StyleStation. “As a result, we are finding ways through social [media] and business to get back to our roots.” In addition to founding her brand StyleStation, Meister is a celebrity stylist, who works with Khloe Kardashian on her E! television show, Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian. Meister talked to Culture Trip to talk about influencers, style makers, and, of course the secret behind the Kardashians’ success.

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When it comes to Revenge Body, which returns to E! on January 7, Meister nails what has made the show a hit—the vulnerability people expose as they work on making themselves over. “We all have an idea in our mind on how we ‘wish’ we looked, but that may not be our reality,” says Meister. Her company Style Station is a shop-able online and mobile platform where celeb stylists and beauty experts share tricks of the trade.

She continues, “It is my job to understand what my client wants and then making it happen for them in their way.”

Culture Trip: How do you define style? What’s the difference between fashion and style?

Melissa Meister: Style is your own personal essence shown through the things you love. Fashion is what looks are current, usually coming from the top, and don’t necessarily have style.

CT: What did you learn about style from Khloe Kardashian?

MM: I have worked with a few of the Kardashians during my time as stylist and video director.What I have learned from them is that they have a strong vision, a clear brand identity, and they stay true to it.This commitment creates consumer brand loyalty, and quite frankly, success.

CT: How is living well and looking good, in your opinion,the best revenge?

MM: We have all had times when we are not at our best, whether it be inside or out.Looking good and living well paired together is the winning combination.Together the two bring confidence and your true essence, which is your style.When one is off, we are out of balance.How many people do you know that look good, but don’t feel good inside? Or maybe they feel good inside but they don’t do anything to look good.In my opinion, you can’t be too focused on the outside, or too focused on the inside that you can’t connect with others.

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CT: What is the most interesting thing happening in style and tech right now?

MM: One of the simplest tech-style we experienced initially was the Hermes Apple watch collaboration a few years back. What’s hot now is personalizing tech with style. I see us rapidly moving towards augmented reality, virtual reality. Soon we will see ways to “trying on” clothes with your personal avatar while shopping online and personalizing your experience.This is solely what my brand, StyleStation, is working on.Online we are creating a complete interactive space with our consumers and vendors.

CT: What are your thoughts on influencers? Is the bubble going to burst, or do you see influencers taking over traditional forms of advertisers in the long-term?

MM: It is my gut feeling that the focus will go back on the experts.I don’t know when, and data may disagree, but we have experts and professionals for a reason.However, I do think the traditional forms of advertising and marketing are over.We must adjust to this if you want to create a brand today.The influencers were early adapters, but with the way Instagram has changed, I don’t think their model is sustainable.All of this will continually evolve and grow like all things in this digital day and age.

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CT: How would you define a micro-influencer?

MM: A micro-influencer is “someone” or a brand who is wanting to connect with their base on an intimate level.

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CT: What are your tips for holiday dressing this season?

  • Always have one novelty item that’s festive, but no more than two.
  • When shopping for holiday looks, buy pieces you can wear beyond the holidays.
  • Accessories are always the perfect way to dress up an outfit and are perfect for a holiday party.
  • Lipstick and hair are another excellent way for you to light up the room.
  • Always make sure you are going to be, at least semi-comfortable.Too many elements are added into holiday events that can make you uncomfortable like food, drinking, weather, even family.
  • Always have a great coat and proper bag to match your dress up.

CT: How would you define a style maker? Who are the top style makers in your opinion right now?

A style maker is the one creating the looks, not wearing the looks.This word that my brand and I have created is very important to me.With social media changing everything, I felt it was important to put the focus back on the people making the trends. Most style makers are artists, designers, the glam team behind a celeb. The tips and the tricks of the industry professionals are the ones that deserve to be recognized. The one exception, and one of my all time favorite style makers, is Gwen Stefani.She is an original. She goes with what she knows and not with what she sees others doing.

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