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Meet The Band, Hungry Skinny
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Meet The Band, Hungry Skinny

Picture of Kirby Gordon
Updated: 6 December 2015
Say hello to San Francisco rock ‘n’ roll band Hungry Skinny. This foursome of fellas started making hits in the Tenderloin district in 2011 and has only grown since. Get this: they’ve headlined the Great American Music Hall and played at venues all across the city, including at The Independent, The Chapel, Café Du Nord, Rickshaw Stop, and Slim’s, more times than we can count. They have also toured the Pacific northwest four times and are set to do a national tour starting in March 2016, to debut their self-titled album ‘Hungry Skinny’.

How would you describe your work to someone completely unfamiliar with it?

We would say something like ‘rock and roll, you should check it out!’ We’ve always felt that any further explanation is unnecessary, you’re robbing the listener of a real first impression when you do that. We’ve always felt that people would be better off listening to the music than listening to us talk about ourselves.

What is the most unusual project/show you’ve ever worked on/performed’

We were extras in an art school film once, we were the band playing at their adult night school prom, never heard anything else about that one…

Courtesy of Hungry Skinny
Courtesy of Hungry Skinny

What advice would you give someone trying to break into the business?

We’re just now breaking into the business side of it, so in all good conscience, we don’t really have anything to offer yet. But we’ll let you know when that check comes.

What’s next for you?

Oh, boy. We’re touring again in March, planning on expanding our tour route this time, we put a year’s worth of blood, sweat and other stuff into our self-titled debut album that we just released, and we think it’s wonderful. The next step is to spread the rest of that news. When there’s no more news to spread, we’ll record the new album we’re writing right now.

What bands do you pull inspiration from?

We pull inspiration from any band or artist who’s doing something honest. We aren’t really taking musical inspiration from anyone consciously, just letting whatever comes out come out. We are inspired by our peers who do the same, especially Lemme Adams, A-1, Failure Machine, French Girls, and many more. All freaks worth checking out.

What sets you apart from other like artists?

We’re out there doing what millions of other musty freaks are doing: traveling around, playing shows, recording music, and it’s coming straight from the gut. I guess the only difference is that it’s our guts on the stage, no one else’s.

Courtesy of Hungry Skinny
Courtesy of Hungry Skinny

How would you describe your band in 80 characters or less”

‘Rock and Roll, you should check it out!’

Some quickfire questions to finish up:

Apple or Android”

Public Library

Picasso or Matisse?


Coffee or tea?

Three shots of espresso

Hemingway or Nabokov?


Rome or Paris?


Rock or folk?


Processed with VSCOcam with s5 preset | Courtesy of Hungry Skinny
Processed with VSCOcam with s5 preset | Courtesy of Hungry Skinny

We are playing Slim’s in San Francisco on Saturday, January 30th with Battlehooch and Tango Alpha Tango. We just released our debut self-titled album. It is available on vinyl, CD, and digital download at our label’s website:


-Hungry Skinny

Interview by Kirby Gordon