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Meet The Artist, Camelia Skikos
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Meet The Artist, Camelia Skikos

Picture of Courtney Holcomb
Updated: 18 December 2015
Meet Camelia Skikos, a San Francisco-based designer of contemporary women’s wear currently promoting her self-titled brand. She describes her collections as the expression of ‘a little bit of the tension between something that is more constricted and controlled and something less inhibited and free.’ For her take on our favorite city, take a look at her San Francisco-inspired 2014-15 collection. Read on for our Q & A with the designer herself.

TCT: What is the most unusual project you’ve ever worked on?

CS: Project Jacquard at Google. I was part of an amazing team that worked on a new platform which gives fashion designers and software developers the tools to weave technology onto any woven fabric.

We experimented with the possibility of weaving touch and gesture interactivity into different types of textiles which would give designers the possibility of creating a whole new dimension to their clothing.

TCT: What advice would you give someone trying to break into the business?

CS: My advice is to not follow anyone’s advice. What works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else. We all have different and very personal life experiences, which will influence the way we see the world and everything we do. Follow your instincts — be true to yourself and what you really like. You might fail a few times anyway, but when you really like what you do, you will have the energy to start all over again and not give up.

TCT: What’s next for you?

CS: I will continue to work on my designs, make costumes for a few short films and work with Fyuse, a new amazing app for spatial photography which lets users capture and share interactive images of the world around them.

TCT: Where’s your favorite place to shop?

CS: Tokyo

TCT: Whose designs would you love to have in your closet?

CS: Japanese designers like Yoji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo.

TCT: How would you describe yourself in 80 characters or less?

CS: Curious.

TCT: Apple or Android?

CS: Both

TCT: Picasso or Matisse?

CS: Matisse

TCT: Coffee or tea?

CS: Coffee

TCT: Hemingway or Nabokov?

CS: Nabokov

TCT: Rome or Paris?

CS: Paris

TCT: Rock or folk?

CS: Rock

Interview conducted by Courtney Holcomb