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© Mary Jane Wines
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Marijuana Wine is Now a Thing...

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 9 October 2017
Now you can get drunk and high at the same time, thanks to this brand new stoner-inspired wine direct from the USA!

Mary Jane Wines, the world’s first hemp-cannabidiol (CBD – a compound with supposed medical properties) wine, has combined the joys of alcohol and weed into a single (and rather tasty) new evening treat.

Laced with pure cannabinol, which has neatly been extracted from organically grown USA hemp (only the finest ingredients for this weedy bad boy), the wine is completely non-toxic and non-psychoactive, and you’ll be pleased to know, that it’s side effect-free, too – oh, and you won’t get addicted to it either, score!

Mary Jane Wines
The latest drink buzz | © Mary Jane Wines
The drink also contains some awesome health-giving properties | © Mary Jane Wines

Unfortunately, it won’t get you as high as the real stuff, but that’s okay because the dope juice has some really amazing health benefits. CBD oil, for example, is used to treat a load of conditions like sleep disorders, schizophrenia, glaucoma and loss of appetite in cancer patients – so no wonder Mary Jane decided to make a wine out of it.

Mary Jane Wines
Mary Jane Wines | © Mary Jane Wines

So what’s the catch? At the moment you can only buy the £96–£319 ($120–$400) a pop bottles of wine (yes, they’re heaps expensive) in California. Sadly, you’ll also need a prescription to down the booze too. Oh well – at least it give you an excuse to fly Stateside, right?

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