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16 November 2016

Podcasts offer comedy, news, art and more for the wary listener. With most people carrying smart phones, podcasts are easily accessible. Here are some of the best podcasts in America to keep those free moments from getting dull.

This American Life | Via Google Play

This American Life

Out of Chicago’s WBEZ, This American Life is the reigning king of podcasts. With dozens of awards under their belt and stories ranging from the political to the comic and the everyday, This American Life dishes up stories from all across America. With twenty years of episodes in its catalog, no other broadcast can compete with the range of choices for a wayward listener.

The Joe Rogan Experience | Via WhoisMcAfee

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience has taken the place of the Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony shock jocks of the world. With a still-thriving career in MMA and stand-up, Joe Rogan brings an eclectic and no-nonsense approach to contemporary stars and stories. His guests range from top comics like Louis C.K. to top neuroscientists like Sam Harris.

Serial | Via Mashable


The brain child of Sarah Koenig from This American Life, Serial is the podcast which took the nation by storm. A series which follows real life mysteries, the first season investigated the Baltimore murder-mystery case of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee. Millions of fans were immediately hooked and tuned in eagerly every week to hear updates regarding the who’s who cast and evidence. This is a must for any fan of mystery or crime.

Welcome to Night Vale | Via Imgarcade

Welcome to Night Vale

One of the most inventive podcasts to date, Welcome to Night Vale was created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor as a radio broadcast from the fictional town of Night Vale. Each episode is steeped in the bizarre and eerie events that unfold in the town that seems to be a magnet for the supernatural. A favorite for anyone who wants a good scare on a long drive or a lonely night.

Star Talk

Star Talk

Star Talk is a reimagining of Carl Sagan’s legendary Cosmos series. Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, the podcast centers around science, the mysteries of the universe and, above all else, creating a friendly environment for the non-astrophysicist listeners still looking to learn. Tyson brings a funny and refreshing approach to exploring the wonders of the world today by helping to escape the monotony of that morning drive.

TED Radio Hour | via dumblittlman

TED Radio Hour

If any job isn’t living up to the standards of today, or if any life seems lessened by burdens, the TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz is here to help. Featuring discussions and excerpts from TED speakers, few things are more exciting than listening to some of the brightest minds in the world lay out their visions of life. Educational and motivational, it is just what many of us need to make it through the day.

99% Invisible | Via 99%Invisible

99% Invisible

For the artistically inclined, 99% Invisible takes a closer look at art and design and how these elements intersect with everyday life. This ranges from episodes about shopping aesthetics – the way that stores arrange their merchandize to trick consumers – to the United States’ plan to build cardboard tanks for WWII. Quirky and offbeat, 99% Invisible is a must for anyone who likes the unseen side of things.

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