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Latin Flavors Exhibit At Tobey C. Moss Gallery | Spotlight On LA's Latino Culture
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Latin Flavors Exhibit At Tobey C. Moss Gallery | Spotlight On LA's Latino Culture

Picture of Cristina Gutierrez
Updated: 11 December 2015
Since 1978, the Tobey C. Moss Gallery has displayed the works of various American artists, with a focus on southern Californian artists. These paintings come from private collectors and are also available for purchase. Every year, the gallery centers on a new theme, and, this year, the theme is Latin Flavors.

The paintings currently on display cover topics such as immigration, local politics and more. Artists whose work is on display include Frank Romero, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Francisco Zuniga and others.

The gallery features such a wide collection that it’s impossible to choose a favorite. However, there are one or two that stand out. For example, Frank Romero’s The Arrest of the Palateros, which zeros in on an incident that actually took place at MacArthur Park. In this color screen print he captures the moment that police showed up at the park and arrested the street vendors who were selling ice cream (called palatas in Spanish). As a member of Los Angeles’s art community, Romero chooses to focus on situations that pertain to his city.

Carro de Muerte
Courtesy of Maria Resendez

Another riveting piece currently on display is Carro de Muerte (“Car of Death”). This color lithograph was created at the Tamarind Lithograph workshop. A lithograph is a printing made by permission from the artist’s original piece, usually with the purpose of distributing more pieces to the public, while keeping the quality of the original intact. The lithograph of Carro de Muerte on exhibit is one worth taking a longer look at, because the darker colors capture the tone of the painting.

The Tobey C. Moss Gallery is a great place for art lovers to visit, particularly if they don’t have extensive knowledge about art. There, you can learn about California’s history and contemporary issues through the artists and paintings on display.

The Latin Flavors exhibit will run from now through the new extended date of September 24, 2015.

Tobey C. Moss Gallery, 7321 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 323-933-5523. Street parking is available.