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Here’s What San Francisco Locals Are Listening to Right Now

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Updated: 15 May 2018
San Francisco is holding on to its local music scene tighter than ever. City-dwellers crave to hear a sound that relates to them, to their ongoing story. Here is what San Francisco locals are listening to now.


Rosendale, born Brian Wang, won the hearts of San Francisco locals through his YouTube Channel “RosendaleSings.” The singer-songwriter has an impressive vocal range, as is showcased in the videos of him singing a cappella, acoustic, original songs and self-produced covers. Rosendale’s YouTube performances earned him nearly 62,000 subscribers and millions of views combined. It’s unsurprising that San Franciscans would be listening to him now; the singer works at digital media company BuzzFeed. Between his self-made exposure and BuzzFeed’s constant spotlight, San Francisco locals naturally want to show their support and love for another Bay Area local.

Seven Days Straight

Hailing from San Rafael, CA, Seven Days Straight has brought heavy metal music to the ears of San Francisco locals, as well as the rest of the Bay Area, since 2004. In those years, band frontman and founder Josh Crimson Gibson made an impressive name for himself and Seven Days Straight, opening for big metal bands like Vicious Rumors at The Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa and Prong at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma. His bass player Karl Cordoza accompanies Gibson, and Peter Warsaw completes Seven Days Straight on guitar.

Courtesy of Seven Days Straight | © Seven Days Straight

Matt Jaffe & The Distractions

Bay Area-based rock ‘n’ roll band Matt Jaffe & The Distractions is a common sound heard in San Francisco, especially by fans of the Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison, who discovered Matt Jaffe while Jaffe was doing a solo performance at a local open mic. After hearing the young musician’s “Bay Area rock meets Blue Oyster Cult” sound, Harrison took Jaffe under his experienced wing. The two collaborated to produce a studio album and multiple music videos.


This “gypsy-pop” singer has performed with both award-winning and other local bands all over San Francisco. Originally from Oakland, Zāna has kept everyone’s attention by slowly releasing debut singles year after year. Her latest single “Call Ya” just dropped in February 2018. Her music, with its Arabic and Latin influences, has reached number one on local and regional Reverbnation pop charts.

Amy Obenski

A California native, Obenski’s been singing her way into the hearts of thousands of people—especially those in San Francisco. Her soft yet authoritative singing voice creates a sound that grabs hold of almost anyone’s attention, no matter their musical taste. Open about what she believes her music can do to people, Amy Obenski promotes herself as a timeless singer who can connect with people on a personal level.

Petty Theft

After rockstar Tom Petty’s death, San Franciscans honored his memory by clearing vintage record stores’ shelves of his music and by listening to Petty Theft. This cover band commits to digging down deep to not only pay tribute to the original work of Petty but to also put a creative, more personal spin on their covers.

Skonnie Music

Another metal band hitting the San Francisco scene hard right now is Skonnie Music. The group is a duo, with Connie Yerbic on the flute and lead vocals and Sal Moretta on guitar. Through their music, Skonnie hopes to leave people feeling good, confident, and inspired. Creative ways of promoting and making this kind of music are something Skonnie feels passionately about. They share their new releases throughout San Francisco.

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Courtesy of Skonnie Music | © Skonnie Music

Sabrina Signs

Producer/singer/songwriter/DJ Sabrina Signs, born in the San Francisco Bay Area, has quite the range of talents—one of them is winning over the hearts of San Francisco locals. The multi-talented musician carries her background in hip-hop, rock, R&B, and dance music over into her original EDM songs and DJ mixes. After releasing her album “I Like You,” it topped dance music charts on iTunes and Beatport, reaching the number one slot. Her diverse electronic sound attracts many San Franciscans to her shows and any newly released music.