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Sormeh Lifestyle Offices | © Ray Kachatorian
Sormeh Lifestyle Offices | © Ray Kachatorian
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For Sormeh Lifestyle, 'Effortless' Is A State Of Mind

Picture of Alexa Ardeljan-Braden
Updated: 4 January 2017
For mother-daughter design duo Sormeh and Paiman Salimpour of Sormeh Lifestyle, their brand’s hashtag, #itsalifestyle, really does ring true.

Founded in 2010, Sormeh Lifestyle combines Sormeh’s experience working as Monica Rose’s assistant in the world of fashion styling (for the likes of the Kardashians and Mindy Kaling) with her mother’s 30 years of work in landscape architecture and design. After years of cultivating their personal style in their separate endeavors, the Salimpours decided to meld their talents and launch a versatile interior design firm, Sormeh Lifestyle.

One look at the team’s portfolio establishes that their eclectic flair is at the heart of designs. Their work is truly their own and breaths an elegant, lived-in feeling to any room.

‘When we started, it felt like interior decorating was in a cage. It had no freedom… And I was all about effortless un-decorating. Any interior should be able to tell a story of the people living there, and it should touch your emotion before drawing specific attention to the furniture and details,’ said Paiman.

What’s most fascinating about the team’s unique process is that they focus less on what a room conventionally needs and instead create a design narrative based off of their customer’s passions and interests. While most interior designers construct calculated floor plans, the Salimpours instead create collages and vision boards to realize their plan. They approach their work from an emotional standpoint that makes the room feel uniquely personal, building out a floor plan in an organic way.

After crafting a story mimetic of their client’s lifestyle, Sormeh and Paiman draw upon their own inspirations to add the Sormeh Design touch. Sormeh cites her muses as musician Keith Richards, as well as fashion designers Saint Laurent and Diane Von Furstenberg. She explained, ‘I love the undone, and bohemian, but edgy rocker feel. My style is about finding the middle ground between a boho lifestyle and rough edginess.’ Apropos for California.

Paiman’s style is colored by her love of travel. ‘As a creative soul, I believe you need to see things to appreciate what the world has to offer,’ she said. It is the women’s distinct styles that combine to create their remarkable design aesthetic.

Sormeh (left) and Paiman (right) Salimpour | Courtesy of Sormeh Lifestyle

‘Sormeh loves a pop of color, and I gravitate to ancient organic materials like marbles, silk, and velvet. We create a mix. You can tell if we’ve been there, but it’s all individualized [to the client],’ said Paiman of their perfectly balanced style.

The designers are wary of finicky trends. When asked about their process in choosing pieces, Sormeh said, ‘Usually we work from our gut unless a client is into a trend, texture, or color. We don’t really like to follow the rules and trends and our clients seem to really respect that.’ Paiman added, ‘The minute something becomes a trend, it loses creative allure.’

Working together over the past six years, the pair has developed a symbiotic process. They’ve finely tuned what works for them and their clients and what does not. It is important to them that they know the story behind the pieces they place in a client’s home, so they’ve made the decision to focus on locally and ethically crafted works. They work with a multitude of craftsmen and hold strong to the idea that if, ‘they love what they do, that positive energy transfers’ through the furniture and the room.

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, the Salimpours decided early on that they would like the scope of their firm to reach further than just interior design. They sought to connect with their customers in all things lifestyle and expand their business to grow outside of the confines of home.

‘I don’t believe that there is a gap between art, fashion, garden, and design. You can really run a line between all of them,’ said Paiman.

Their garden designs are as astounding as their interiors, both featuring luxurious, organic materials like marble. Both women love statues and water features and try to incorporate them wherever possible.

The two have built such strong bonds with their customers, who span from the Bay Area to all over Los Angeles, that clients have even begun asking them to find outfits for them for special occasions. This is no surprise, as both women have impeccable personal style. Regardless of if they are looking for a piece of furniture, art, or a dress, Sormeh and Paiman search high and low for the perfect fit.

Their dedication to both their brand and craft is easily discernible. The Sormeh Lifestyle loft offices have a palatable different feel than other design firms. Wrapped in velvets with rich tones and accents ranging from ethereal to masculine, entering their offices is like being transported. They truly practice what they preach and somehow create a space that feels high-end but livable. Whether it is books strewn about in the most perfect of way or couture pieces tucked into corners, Sormeh Lifestyle takes design to new heights.