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Ways To Maintain A Runner's Lifestyle In The San Francisco Bay Area
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Ways To Maintain A Runner's Lifestyle In The San Francisco Bay Area

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Updated: 16 December 2016
Daily schedules can sometimes be overwhelming, with so much to do that it may be difficult to find the energy or motivation to do much else, especially routine exercise. However, these five San Francisco tips might just help with breaking through the wall that life may sometimes place on the running path.
Joggers on Morro Strand State Beach|© Mike Baird/Flickr
Joggers on Morro Strand State Beach | © Mike Baird/Flickr

Bring along a friend or running partner

Even the strongest, most dedicated solo runners need the occasional extra encouragement. Bringing along a fellow runner not only provides an additional motivational boost, but also provides for a great opportunity to socialize and spend some bonding time. Bringing someone along can also help to make the time pass faster and to help overcome fatigue and soreness. You can also join a running group in the San Francisco area by using resources like

Running Man | © Graham Crumb/Wikimedia
Running Man | © Graham Crumb/Wikimedia

Explore the outdoors

Nothing harms motivation like endless repetition, or even spending too much time at one specific place, such as an indoor gym. Adding variety to your list of running locations helps build a more solid running schedule by adding excitement and the anticipation of seeing the brand new landscapes and faces that the beautiful Bay Area has to offer.

Downtown from Lincoln Park |© Wikipedia
Downtown from Lincoln Park | © Wikipedia

Take advantage of the Bay Area’s diverse terrains

The sheer number of trails and designated running areas in and around the Bay Area provides something for everyone. Due to the geographical diversity of San Francisco, it’s easy to traverse a variety of settings in just a single run. With a little bit of patience and willingness, one can see the heart of the city, stunning architecture, and wind up at the beachside in as little as 30 minutes of running.

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach |© Eric Savage/Flickr
Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach | © Eric Savage/Flickr

Use running as your own personal time

This is arguably the key to keeping a constant running regimen. Set aside a certain amount of time each day (1-2 hours) for personal time. This selected period of time must be constant, and not subject to external conditions or influence. In this time, run around and explore what the neighborhood or the running destination of the day has to offer, and take in the sights, smells and sounds of the city.

Castro Theater | © Benson Kua/Flickr
Castro Theater | © Benson Kua/Flickr

Rewards and treats for meeting running goals

Sweeten the running deal with a running achievement bonus. Each time a running goal (mileage, number of days in a week ran, etc.) is achieved, check out the local food or entertainment offerings around San Francisco and feel free to indulge. For shopaholics, there is of course the option of buying something nice for yourself as a reward. In addition to bringing fun and variety into your daily routine, this is a great way to maintain motivation and excitement for running.