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The L.A. Craft Breweries With Seasonal Beers
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The L.A. Craft Breweries With Seasonal Beers

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Updated: 1 December 2016
Although fall in Southern California may not mean streets lined with fiery red leaves and oversized sweaters, there are many reasons why fall in Los Angeles is something to be celebrated. Not least of all, the seasonal beers! Fall is a special time of year boasting beers that are often more flavorful and have more body than the mild, lighter beers featured in the summer. These autumn-release beers put out by L.A.’s local breweries bring out the flavors of fall with a distinct Southern California flair.

The Bruery – Autumn Maple

The Bruery is well known for releasing experimental brews and regularly throwing ingredients into their batches that will make any brewpub patron take a second glance. This is why it should be no surprise that they took a spin on the traditional fall-release pumpkin beer and instead brewed their Autumn Maple beer with 17 pounds of yams per barrel. Despite the long list of ingredients, which includes cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, molasses, and maple syrup, the taste is well-balanced, complex, and not as sweet as the ingredients would lead you to believe. An excellent score from both Ratebeer and Beer Advocate are indicative of the quality of this must-try fall brew.

The Bruery, 717 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA, USA, +1 714 996 6258

Angel City Brewery | © Daniel Muenster/Flickr
Angel City Brewery | © Daniel Muenster/Flickr

Angel City – Oktoberfest

This seasonal beer released by Angel City Brewing is staying true to its name by using the strong German hop strain, Hallertäu. However, what sets this beer apart from the more well-known Okoberfest brews, German brands like Paulaner and Hofbräu’s, is the sweeter, carmel-y finish and a stronger malty notes present in Angel City’s fall-release beer. The lower levels of carbonation and bitterness give this beer a wide appeal.

Angel City Brewery, 216 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 213 622 1261

Golden Road Beer | © Guzzle Nosh/Flickr
Golden Road Beer | © Guzzle Nosh/Flickr

Golden Road – The Works IPA

Leave it to Golden Road to feature an IPA while most breweries begin to focus on maltier, darker beers. The Works IPA was tapped at Golden Road on and is part of the Custom IPA series, in which Golden Road teams up with a local charity, and shares in the profits of each release. Those who prefer their IPAs to be heavily citrus-y may not find this IPA up their alley, but the taste of berries still come through in this soft, drinkable IPA.

Golden Road Brewery 5410 W San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 213 542 6039

Hangar 24 – Gourdgeous

Hangar 24’s Local Fields series all include key ingredients from fields that are within a few miles of the brewery in Redlands. Their fall-release beer uses pumpkins which are combined with a rich porter to create a unique but well-loved blend. The initial sweetness of the beer quickly lapses into a more muted finish, so a full pint is not too overwhelming. Pumpkin beer lovers be warned: Gourdgeous is still distinctly a porter. So before committing to a six-pack know that the chocolate, malty notes still dominate its taste and body.

Hangar 24 Brewery, 1710 Sessums Dr, Redlands, CA, USA, +1 909 389 1400